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Ask a Mum: Protect your Baby from Malaria

Q: With all these mosquitoes I am terrified of my 9-month old getting malaria. Should I give her preventative anti-malaria drugs?

A: Patience, 35, mother of one, answers:

We had a shock when our daughter got malaria at 18 months. After she recovered we asked the doctors about anti-malarial pediatric drugs. Yes there are some effective ones but he mentioned it is best given on the onset of the disease, not as prophylaxis for prevention.

The doctor explained that Malaria drugs are very strong so they are best used only to treat already existing malaria. We learned to make sure she slept under a net even during her daytime naps and to keep doors and windows closed from dusk. However, nets that come injected with insecticide are too toxic for baby to breathe in at night. The plug-in insect repellent should also never be placed in the Baby’s room. If you must use it, it is better to put it in an adjacent room at night to help control mosquitoes in  baby’s room.

Our pharmacist also recommended citronella essential oil and neem oils as a safe, natural insect repellents.  If you are pregnant, make sure you always sleep under a net, and whatever your baby’s age, they should always sleep under a net, even when they are taking daytime naps.

Watch this video from Ubongo Kids from Mothers Against Malaria to find out more tips on keeping your family safe! 


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