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5 Things I have Learnt from My Pregnancy

As a first time soon to-be mum, there are numerous emotions that I go through. Most days I am absolutely thrilled. Occasionally, I have complete meltdowns thinking how unprepared I am but both moments are all part of what I am learning about my pregnancy so far.

Here are 5 things my pregnancy has taught me so far.

1. You don’t fall in love immediately

My first trimester was rough! I spent part of it travelling between 5-8 hour flights, nauseous and fatigued the whole time. Obviously your body goes through physical changes, which I expected but nothing really prepares you for the extent it can go. It feels like your body is fighting you rather than creating this beautiful life inside you. How could I possibly be in love with my child then? Don’t get me wrong; I was excited just like most new mothers but head over heels in love, no. That’s a process. Give it time.

pregnant woman travelling.

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2. You learn on the Go

There is no formula and one-fits-all strategy. And trust me, I have looked! Every parent and mother is different. How you want to go through your journey is distinctive to you so learn on the go! There is no need to obsess about the 40th week when you’re in your 10th week. Learn on the go!
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Learn what works for you and the baby and adjust accordingly as you progress. Pretty much how I intend on going through being a super mum.

3. There are many other ways to keep fit

Walking is one of the best workouts for pregnant women but I personally felt like it wasn’t fun or upbeat, especially since I was generally pretty active before. My doctor gave me the go ahead to explore different options within a safety net so I did. I swam when it was really hot once or twice a week ,sweated it out with this prenatal dance (occasionally with weights) and got bending with prenatal yoga which helped with the nausea. This was my saving grace!

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PS: Am I the only one struggling with finding organized prenatal exercise activities in Nairobi? Although into my third trimester, I realise I have slowed down significantly.

4. Mothers know best

If there is ever a time I have affirmed that we (women) are our greatest support network to each other, it is now. Women constantly give me advice. I haven’t had an encounter where any one of them was forceful or rude. Most times I learn little nuggets of wisdom and lots of interesting things. Take what you think is best and leave out the rest but mothers know best!


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5. Enjoy every single moment

Enjoy every single moment. From the kicks, the stretches, and how the baby  responds to you to how much more you can get away with when you are pregnant! I almost think I might I’ll miss being pregnant!


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