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5 Post Pregnancy Changes You Might Not Expect

The journey of pregnancy is full of joys, but it also holds some worries about what the future holds. It is also a stage in one’s life where everyone suddenly becomes an expert on pregnancy, motherhood, and parenting in general.

You have the hard task of sieving the good from the not-so-helpful information while trying to maintain relationships. You are unique; so is your pregnancy and your baby. You probably already know all these things, but this is a list of what to expect post-pregnancy.


1. Labour is different for everyone

As mentioned earlier, you are a unique individual and your body responds differently from other people’s. Despite the tonnes of advice and old wives’ tales, you may have been told, just know it may not apply to you. The level of pain you feel, the duration of the labor and all other experiences that you may have during labour will be your own. Talk to your doctor for a professional opinion on what you can do to relieve pain, and what to look forward to.



2. Your baby is one of a kind

Sure all babies behave the same when they first come into the world: they communicate by crying, they eat and sleep a lot. But not every baby behaves exactly the same. There are some real bundles of joy who only sleep at night and are wakeful during the day. Others prefer being the centre of attention all the time! Whichever personality and behaviour that your baby exhibits, you will soon learn quickly what they want and how to cope.


3. Breastfeeding is not as easy as it looks

Have you ever gone to the market and seen a woman breastfeeding her baby while she chats with her neighbor while selling her wares? It looks so easy and natural. You will be surprised to learn that it’s not!

Breastfeeding our young is a primal instinct that is dulled down as we grow up, and it needs to be reawakened when we get children. Don’t worry, once you have had your little one, your doctor, midwife or nurse will help you learn the correct position and posture and how to help baby latch on to your breast properly.


4. Taking care of a newborn is scary!

From bathing and taking care of that tiny little person to thinking about good insurance covers to cater for all their healthcare needs, taking care of an infant is not a small feat. Raising a child will require a great investment of your time, finances, and emotions. It may scare you but be confident that you can handle it.

smiling mother and daughter


5. Your relationship with your partner will never be the same

When two become three, a change is felt on all aspects of life: finances, career, feelings, and yes, sex.  Your whole life will revolve around the baby and unless you discover how to manage your different roles as wife and mother, your relationship with your partner will suffer. Learn to make time for your partner, despite all the challenges you may face, you two have created a new bond, a whole human being.



Granted that the experience of motherhood is one full of challenges and obstacles, it is one that is bursting with joys and special moments all through. Enjoy your journey – enjoy every single moment, because once they have passed, you can never have them again.


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