Chores : 3 Easy Ways to get your Child to do Them

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Chores : 3 Easy Ways to get Your Child to do Them

We have all gone through it. We have all had to do chores at home. Whether it is doing dishes or washing clothes and depending on which part of the country you are from – farm work.

Today, we owe our basic housekeeping skills, to the discipline and responsibility learned from performing these errands/chores – virtues we’d want to pass on to the next generation.


…I remember following my mum into the kitchen, all too happy to get messy and have fun preparing one of our favourite meals – chapati! Of course, I wasn’t good at it, but with time, I learned!

Here are a few tips to getting your house in order with the help of extra little hands.

1. Create A Fun Chores’ Timetable.

  • Let the kid(s) pick what they can handle and clearly show when the chores are to be started, when they should be complete and who is to do the chore.
  • Make sure its easy to update when the job-gets-done.

2. Keep It Simple & Clear.

  • Writing, “ Clean your room” won’t get the job done – kids need a little more detail.

Try this –  “ Put your clothes in the wardrobe, place your books on the shelf and pick up all your toys and put them in your toy box.”


  • Give them a little- nudge too …

Step-by-Step, demonstrate how they should carry out each chore. Then, include them by having them ‘show’ you OR help you. Then let them carry out the chore to their best ability, while you supervise. For example, you can have your child help you clean the dishes. Let them ‘help’ you wash the utensils (keeping in mind to keep the fragile pieces away from them), rinse them and arrange them on the dish rack.

Once you are sure your kid can get the job done, CONGRATULATE them and let them go ahead. (praise goes along way with everyone…)

3. No Bribes Please, More Praise.

  • “Should I give my kid money for chores done…?”

Though a common question by parents, always remember that chores exist to teach discipline and responsibility. The issue of pocket money may be introduced with regards to the child’s age.

For the younger ones: Remember, this is a character building exercise that is FREE- so, no cash (a hi-five and smile -will do).

However, for older children, pocket money may provide motivation to do chores, independently.

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Here are some suitable chores, according to age:

2-3 Years:

  • Put toys away
  • Feed the pet
  • Wipe up spills
  • Dust low surfaces
  • Arrange books and magazines

4-5 Years:

Any of the above chores, plus:

  • Make their bed
  • Empty litter-bin / wastebaskets
  • Clear table
  • Pull weeds, if you have a garden
  • Water flowers
  • Wash plastic dishes at sink
  • Fix bowl of cereal

6-7 Years:

Any of the above chores, plus:

  • Sweep floors
  • Set and clear table
  • Help make and pack lunch
  • Weed and rake leaves
  • Keep bedroom tidy


8 -9 Years:

Any of the above chores, plus:

  • Put away groceries
  • Help prepare meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner)
  • Make own snacks
  • Clear utensils after meals
  • Fold and store their clothes
  • Sew buttons
  • Peel vegetables
  • Mop floor

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10 Years and Older:

Any of the above chores, plus:

  • Clean bathroom
  • Wash windows
  • Wash car
  • Cook simple meals with supervision (maybe not ugali just yet!)
  • Iron clothes
  • Wash their own clothes
  • Baby-sit younger siblings (with adult supervision)
  • Clean kitchen
  • Change their bed sheets

Download Mums Village Guide for more information on children’s chores.


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