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A Mother’s Solution for Tangles and Tears

It has been a long and tough journey with my daughter’s hair. She has had very coarse hair from birth. After years of her crying every time I was doing her hair, I decide to perm it when she was five.

The perm did help a bit but given that she’s a kid she found a new reason to cry. With the new “going natural” movement, I did my research and decided that it was about time she went back to being natural. She is currently transitioning back to natural hair. As you can see below she has a lot of growth.


Given this, it has been a hustle washing her. She doesn’t want the “growth” combed and I hadn’t been able to find a shampoo that detangles both until I was recently introduced to Johnson’s Baby Soft & Shiny Shampoo. It was my first time using it and I am utterly impressed. The first thing I noticed was its great kid friendly scent. It is also very foamy, meaning that you don’t have to use a lot. As I combed the hair during the wash, I noticed that there were no tangles or tears. After the first rinse, the hair was softer and shinier with a lot of moisture.

After the wash we immediately applied the conditioner. Compared to other conditioners, the Johnson’s Baby Soft & Shiny Conditioner is light, smells even better than the shampoo and distributes through the hair easily so you use less. I left it on for five minutes after which we rinsed noticing the hair to be even more shiny, soft and detangled.


Following the conditioner, we sprayed the Johnson’s Baby Soft & Shiny Spray while the hair was still wet. Usually this is where we’d have to blow dry it otherwise no one would be able to touch it until the next wash. What shocked me most about this spray was how much it made hair easy to comb through. Even though it is not heavily oily, it leaves the hair very moisturized and soft. We skipped blow drying and oiling, as they were not necessary, and just styled it in a bun.

The Johnson’s Baby Soft & Shiny products are definitely for keeps. I would recommend them to all mums and for all hair types; natural, permed and transitioning. Also, comparing the amount I used in a single wash to that of other brands that I have used before, they are worth the cost. I also loved how calm my daughter was during the wash, this is new; usually it is a crying and wailing session.

Additionally, for mums; they are very gentle on the skin. You won’t need to lotion your hands after.

Johnson's shampoo/spray

Go ahead try them. You’ll love them. And so will your child.

Learn more on JOHNSON’s Baby products here.

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