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9 Reasons People Give Their Children Up For Adoption

Adoption is fast increasing in Kenya with many people asking for adoption procedures and agencies. What was rarely accepted in society has become accepted and embraced. Although adoption laws are quite tough on single parents looking to adopt, the adoption future in Kenya is bright.



They’re Not Able To Support Their Child
Taking care of a little one is not a joke and is expensive. To raise a child, a mum has to factor in medical costs, food, clothes, medical emergencies and later school.



 Readiness To Be a Parent
Being a [parent takes some kind of mental preparation to say the least. Some women prepare themselves before, others plan for the baby, others find out and plan in the consecutive months while other mums, not enough adjusting can make them ready.



The Pregnancy Was a Result of Sexual Assault


Tragically, some women get pregnant after being sexually assaulted and can’t keep the baby due to the emotional trauma inflicted. For such mums, the baby reminds them of the assault. Although they don’t want to keep the baby, they give it up for adoption to give it a better chance in life in another family.



The Mum is Too Young To Be a Parent
Teen mums choose adoption for their babies because they feel young and not ready to become parents. They want to focus on their studies, career, being independent before settling down to have kids or a family.


She Has Personal Challenges
Mums going through addiction or mental health problems may choose adoption for their children as they focus on healing. Personal challenges can also be any challenges which make the mum feel she’s unable to parent or provide a healthy living environment for her child.




She Wants a Different Upbringing For Her Child
A mother’s upbringing impacts her parenting decisions. Women brought up in less than ideal family setting or went through trauma as children want different for their kids. When the same woman faces the same challenges she grew up in, she may give her child up for adoption.




Religious Reasons
Women with certain religious convictions may view adoption as a better choice in comparison with abortion. In such cases, they give their children up for adoption.




She Has Other Plans
An unplanned pregnancy can mean a career coming to a halt. Or pursuing further education as they bring their child up, thus women choose to give their children up for adoption as they pursue the plans they had earlier.




They Want Better For Their Children
Better than they’re able to give and provide. Although adoption hurts, they know its the best decision for their child and they’re selfless to do it.



Giving your child is not an easy task. It’s emotional and you may require help from a specialist or a therapist. The decision ultimately lies with you as you figure out what’s best for your baby.


This article is meant for information purpose only and not to dissuade, persuade or force adoption on parents. Seek help from an adoption lawyer, specialist, or therapist before making any life decision.

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