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9 Essential Items For Your Baby’s Nursery

You are expecting your first baby. 

What do you buy? What do you skip? These are some of the questions that are constantly bugging new parents. Everything seems important and maybe it is, but what is essential? It’s important to buy the most important items first and add non-essentials as you move along.

Designing a nursery and decorating is a fun way to bond with your partner as you figure out colours, and how to add a bit of personality in your child’s room. It’s important to design the nursery before the baby arrives as it will be too hectic to design when the baby arrives. 

You can design a green nursery or a nursery of your choice and then add these essential items.

1. A Crib

A crib is the most important item in the nursery. It should be located in a safe area in the nursery that is comfortable and can be easily accessed by the baby’s parents or nanny.

For comfort, a baby might feel more secure if the crib is located at a corner instead of in the middle of the room. Avoid placing the crib where there’s direct sunlight or too much darkness. Keep the crib visible from the entry area or the door so that you can stealthily monitor the baby’s status.


2.A Chair or rocker

A baby rocker swings the baby gently, back and forth to relax the baby and stimulate them to sleep. It is intended for nap time. Research shows that the rocking reminds the baby of its time in the womb. 

To maximise space, place your rocker in a corner. Additionally and for efficiency,  store soft clothes for burping the baby on a small table beside the rocker, a warm blanket and a lamp with a dimmer.

3. Changing Station

Changing stations are specifically designed for one role; to change the baby. It is a flat surface, about waist length and aids in removing diapers and clothing the baby. Similar to a crib, it should be safe, comfortable and accessible.

Mount and fasten the changing station next to the wall to ensure the baby is safe and the station is upright.  Add foam on the station to cushion and make the baby comfortable. 

For added efficiency, mount the station next to diapers, extra clothes, diapers and extra supplies. Never leave the baby on the station attended as this can lead to serious injury as they move around.

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4. Toy Case

Choose a chest of drawers as your baby’s toy chest. If you have limited space, consider adding a chest that slides under your baby’s crib.


5. Humidifier

Humidifiers add moisture to the air and protect the baby against dry and irritated skin, stuffy noses, dry sinuses and sore throats. If you choose to have a humidifier, put it 4 feet away from the crib as mist on the crib can lead to bacteria growth on the crib.

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6.Space Heater

Space heaters are ideal for warming the baby’s nursery. They make the nursery warm and save you from over clothing the baby.  Keep a space heater away from the crib and any flammable material and never leave it unattended.



During extra chilly seasons, it’s hard to know where to set a Thermostat for effective readings. If you feel the room is hot or cold, chances are your baby feels it too. It is recommended that parents have thermostats in nurseries since different rooms can have different temperatures. The ideal temperature is one between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit.


8.Sleep Monitor

When the baby is asleep or taking a nap, having a sleep monitor around them will tell you how long they took before sleeping and their sleep duration. They monitor the child’s audio output from anywhere in the house.


9. Nightlight

As you check in on your baby at night, you don’t want to have the entire light on. You will wake up the baby. Place a nightlight below the baby’s crib ou of their line of vision.


You don’t have to buy everything at once. These 9 items will give you a headstart as a new parent and the confidence you need to step into the new role.

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