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The 6 Types of Kids you will meet at Every Play date

Play dates are not for the fainthearted. From the number of fights you will have to handle not to mention the mess afterwards. However, most times the joy on your child’s face is worth it. Not to mention, the consolation that your little human isn’t as destructive as you feared and will one day make a great adult.

So, while I can’t consciously suggest someone host a play date with 10 children, I do suggest that you keep your eyes open to what you can learn about others at your next play date. Specifically, the kids. Here are some culprits to look out for at your next event.

1. The Quiet Destroyer

This type of child seems set on destroying everything at a house party. You will think they are not doing it on purpose because they do it so quietly but…… is definitely intentional. This is the kid who will pour juice all over the floor, find a permanent marker and colour your walls or even pour the OMO all over the couch.

2. The Experimental Kids

These kids are the ones who will take rocks and have a battle in your backyard. They also try to find worms and eat them as well as push each other from a moving swing. They will probably end up in tears, bloodied or extremely dirty you would be scared that you might get sued for having them over.



3. The Aggressive Type

This is the kid running up and slapping his friend for no apparent reason or poking his friend with a twig on his back. But, you can’t really blame him. It’s almost nap time and mum forgot his  milk.  This kid gets his point across to his mum after he has drawn blood from his best friend. His mum is usually embarrassed, but he’s smiling as she says “Wewe, wait till we get home” in her angry whisper voice. But, what she doesn’t know is that his goal all along was to go home as soon as possible.


4. The Happy Roamer

This is the child who will wander around your whole house and inevitably end up where he is not supposed to be. It might be your master bedroom, your bathtub or even under the car in your garage. Or, even worse, this kid might stumble upon your lingerie drawer and come out wearing your best knickers on his head.


5. The Emotional Wreck

This kid is the least dangerous but lashes out because he needs a nap. This kid will whine the whole time as the mother is deep in conversation with the other mums just so the mum can pay him a little attention. All he needs is a nap. We all know these play dates are not for the kids really and the poor kid is just tired.


6. The Introvert Kid

This type of child is not bothered to play or make friends. She would rather sit at a corner with her snack and stare at all the other children playing and making a mess. At the end of it all she will fall asleep on the couch.



So the next time you host one of these play dates you might be prepared or you might want to plan to host one of these in an external venue. Happy Planning!

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  1. Bernice Thuo says:

    This reminds me of a story where my friends did not know the power of a crawling baby. He was quiet away from everyone else in the detergent store enjoying OMO as his choice of snack. Too funny.. So he falls under the introvert kid.

  2. tamulamu says:

    I’m raising the introvert and the emotional wreck – guess who is who ?

  3. I think these kids are so misunderstood 🙂 Great read and laugh.

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