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5 Things Kenyan Parents are Searching for on the Internet

kenyan dad searching internet

Did you know that in Kenya, 90% of the information on the internet is consumed on mobile phone? Google Africa recently hosted a conference to share insights on what parents in Kenya are searching for on the Internet.  Ever wondered what folks are looking for online? Here are five of the key highlights:

In Kenya there are over 2 million monthly searches for baby-related content. Expectant couples search 57% more than anyone else. They mainly search for answers to questions such as:



Other questions Kenyans are searching for include:

Where is ……………………., I need to ………………, I need to buy…………….For new parents, most searches take place at night. If you have the google app on your phone you can use voice search to find articles and videos that answer your queries.  The advantage of the google app is that it understands our accents.

What are our kids doing on the internet?

Most of us end up giving our kids the tablet or phone to keep them occupied.  No matter how educational or beneficial this content might be, we need to be mindful of several factors.

One of Google Africa’s representatives, who is also a parent, reminded us:

The internet cannot be a substitute for good parenting.


We are all aware of the dangers of the internet. How do we ensure our kids are safe when browsing?



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