5 reasons why you should sign up for a breastfeeding class

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5 reasons why you need to sign up for a breastfeeding class before birth

For women who plan to breastfeed their baby after birth, there is always the constant question of how to ensure the baby is well fed while avoiding the common breastfeeding issues.

Breastfeeding is a natural process, so what’s there to learn anyway?

If you are not convinced about why you need a prenatal breastfeeding class, here are 5 reasons why you do.

  1. Like any behavior, breastfeeding is learned

While infants are born with the natural instinct to feed that helps in latching, there is still a learning curve for both mum and baby. In the past, women mainly learned how to breastfeed through observation. However, with the modern lifestyle and busy work schedules, people rarely get to spend time around breastfeeding mums or babies before becoming parents. While a breastfeeding class cannot equal a lifetime of learning, it does give nursing mums accurate and well-informed guidelines.


  1. You will have access to a breastfeeding/lactation expert

Attending a breastfeeding class will give you a chance to have all your breastfeeding questions answered instantly. This is not an opportunity that many women have access to. For example, you can get answers on how to keep a steady milk supply,  how to breastfeed when going through a health issue, and proper latching and breastfeeding positions. The list is endless.



  1. A breastfeeding class will boost your confidence

No mum is the same as the other. We all come from different cultural backgrounds, support systems, opinions and strengths. Getting all the right information and education about breastfeeding gives you the tools needed to be confident about your goal. When you’re confident about breastfeeding, you are in a better position to bond with your baby. Furthermore, when you’re not stressing about it, your milk supply benefits as well.

Breastfeeding essentials for nursing mums


  1. A breastfeeding class will teach you the importance of community and a good support system

Having a positive community and a good support system is essential for every nursing mum. Postpartum is a vulnerable time for parents especially the nursing mum and support is needed from partners, friends, family and healthcare providers. More often than not, knowing that you need support as a new mum and knowing what to ask for are not the same. This is why it’s important to think ahead during pregnancy about the kind of support that you will require as an individual. A good class will help you with the information and resources on where to get specific help when you finally give birth.

Sign up for the MumsVillage Breastfeeding Class


  1. A breastfeeding class is an opportunity to separate the common myths from the facts

With the increase in innovations on baby feeding products, a lot of breastfeeding generational knowledge has been lost.  However, with the current rise in information on the importance of breastfeeding, many people are applying the same bottle-feeding principles to breastfeeding. There are several breastfeeding myths and misinformation being passed around from one mum to the next.  Learning everything about lactation while pregnant gives you the right knowledge to apply once you have your baby. This knowledge helps you to determine which advice to follow and which to ignore. This will ensure your milk supply is not undermined and you and your baby can enjoy the breastfeeding process better.


In conclusion

If you are pregnant or  nursing and are looking to learn all you need to know about breastfeeding from a certified lactation consultant, you should sign up for the MumsVillage breastfeeding class here

MumsVillage Breastfeeding Class

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