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5 Ingenious Ways To Incorporate Porridge in Your Breakfast

The cold weather is here and what better way to counter the cold than with a hot bowl of porridge?

That said, it can be quite boring to make it in one way, and they’re a myriad of toppings you can incorporate to add interest.

Add Quinoa and Chia Seeds

Chia seeds, quinoa seeds and pumpkin seeds are nutritious and bring added taste and texture. Get creative with your presentation sprinkling them in lines or circles. If the added taste is not for you, a tablespoon of honey will offset the taste and leave you with the nutrients!

Limes for Extra Tanginess

Make a quick cup of porridge with a pack of Blue Band instant porridge, pour hot boiling water into a mug, add two tablespoonfuls of Blue Band instant porridge into the mug and mix. Add 3 squeezes of lime juice, stir and enjoy!

Margarine or Peanut Butter

Adding margarine or peanut butter will add flavour, nutrients and taste to your bowl of porridge. Peanut butter has the right amount of plant proteins and margarine adds taste to your porridge. If you attended Kenyan boarding schools, you know what that extra margarine does to your porridge. Try the Blue Band margarine or peanut butter and let us know what’s your pick.

Cinnamon, bananas and dates

Cinnamon and dates are warm spices and will uplift your morning. They are also a good choice if you happen to make porridge, or if you’re suffering from a cold. Add cinnamon while cooking, and add banana slices and dates as porridge toppings.

Serve your porridge with Mandazi

While this might seem like an unusual carbohydrate on carbohydrates combination, try it. Make your porridge as you would normally, add peanut butter and serve with fresh hot mandazis. This is particularly great for cold weather, and as a heavy snack for kids.


Porridge doesn’t have to be dull and dreary. Try these 5 methods and make the Blueband Instant porridge an interesting meal in your household. Let us know in the comments which combinations are a hit in your household.


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