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16 Educational Stories to Inspire and Inform

Today, more children attend school than at any other point in human history. Some parents opt to home-school their children. Either way, education has become a necessity in our day-to-day lives. You know what they say, the beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.


We have a roundup of educational stories and lessons from different mums who have shared their experience with us in the past,


  1. Parenting Lessons and your Child’s Potential

Every parent just wants to do what’s best for their child. Life lessons are a great way to insure this. Some lessons the world will teach them but as parents we must do our part. Here is what this mum did


2. Educational Toys – Can they Boost your Child’s IQ?


Will special toys help your child become the next Harold Ekeh? There is only one way to find out. Read the article



3. A Cheat Sheet to Education Insurance


Do you want to give your child a chance to a quality education? Looking into an education insurance policy could be the first place to start. Here is why?


4. Ask a Mum: How do I Homeschool my Child?

Thinking of home-schooling your child in Kenya? Here is what you need to know.


Viruses, Motherhood, Choosing the perfect Kindergarten for your child.


5. Is the 8-4-4 Education System Defunct or just Flawed?


“Yes, I did get into a national school. Yes, I went further and got enrolled in one of the best university’s Kenya has to offer. However, I think this was at an extremely huge cost to my passion for books. Would that I could have become a playwright? Would that I could have become a song writer; using my words to turn emotion into something almost tangible? Sadly we will never know. All I know is that my love for books and words suffered a huge loss the day I enrolled at that boarding school.”


Protect your child from abuse


6. What the Law says about Child Safety in Schools


Research shows that on average, children have approximately 900 to 1,000 hours of instructional time per year, depending on the class level. Thus the safety of children in schools, cannot be overemphasized. If they feel safe, then it’s easier to concentrate on what the teacher is saying. Here is what the law says about child safety


7. My Mum Sacrificed so I could Go to Medical School


“When I told my mother I wanted to study medicine, she just swept it under the rug. To her I was just a form-four leaver, who didn’t know what she wanted. But I was determined. I knew what I wanted so I kept on insisting and reminding her that I wanted to study medicine. Hoping that one day it would get through her head.  This is what my mum did”


8. The Different Kenyan School Mums You’ll Meet


Whether it’s private or public schools, interaction with other mums is unavoidable. These are the five common Kenyan School Mums you might meet.


Ninja Mum- Kenyan School mums


9. 6 Educational TV Shows that would be great for your Toddler


“If you are going to let your child have screen time, you should make it count. A study published in Jstor.org around television viewing and child development revealed that pre-schoolers who watch educational programmes show growth in academic skills including reading, vocabulary and math. Long-term, these children performed better at standardised tests and general school readiness assessments. ” Here are the 6 recommended tv shows


10. 8 Steps to Help your Child Readjust to School


School anxiety among children is normal. It may manifest itself through crying in the school morning or complaining of a stomach ache on Monday. If your child has just joined a new school, withdrawal and poor performance may also be indicators that he is having trouble readjusting.This anxiety can be prevented and minimized. Here are 8 tips to help you do that.



11. How to Cultivate your Child’s Talent and Interests


“Dear Parents, are there some people you meet and they are thoroughly driven and motivated by their parents to do their best, nurture their talent and become change makers in this world? All of them credit their parents for their unwavering support and playing a huge part in driving their success. Are you doing the same?”


12. Bikozulu : Fathers in School


“One, the professor said, to become your child’s hero you have to treat his mother right and it doesn’t matter if you are separated or together. Respect, he stressed raising one finger. Children see through things, he assured us; they pick vibes and see more than we imagine they do. And what they pick from you changes who they are and how they view the world. Do your part gentlemen, he urged us.”



13. Ask a Mum : How do I Cope with Back-to-school Anxiety?


“It is normal for the first school term to be a big adjustment for your kids. Usually the report form for this term reflects a poorer performance than the second and third terms. Understand that the kids will take time to get back into their stride.”


Struggling with this?   Here is how you can cope


14. Ask Valentine : Kids & Sex Part II; 6-12 year olds


“Children from 5 to 8 have strong same gender friendships. This is the time that the boys tend to group together and the girls do the same. They are getting information about what it means to be a boy or girl from their peers, independent of their parents. They are also beginning to learn how to manage friendships. This can be a bumpy time as children learn about loyalty and fitting in. Remember, how it felt when you were part of a group and accepted and how it felt when you were left out of the group and felt rejected?” Here is how to support your child




15. 10 Techniques to Manage Anxiety with an Autistic Child


“Here are some strategies to help decrease an autistic child’s anxiety and behaviors. However I say this with caution as each individual on the spectrum will have a different set of challenges and/or preferences. There is no one thing that works for all children, and there is no one quick fix, It’s a bit of trial and error but when you figure out what works, pack yourself a bag of techniques to help reduce tantrums, increase understanding, direction following and happiness (theirs and yours). Many of these techniques will work for many children whether or not they have autism.”


16. Silvia Njoki : Choosing my Child’s Kindergarten


“What convinced me not to throw in the white towel and wait another term before bringing her back to her play group was the fact that the  10 kids had two highly qualified teachers to look after them and guide them. The detailed curriculum included all kinds of artistic activities, PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) music, science experiments, number games, PE, literacy, and special topics like farm animals and body parts, a syllabus which also impressed my Mum, who has been a full-time primary school teacher all her life.”



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