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11 Cool Gifts to Buy 6 Year Olds in 2018

A lot happens when kids turn six. They have started learning how to read, they explore more, ask more questions, and they start recognizing the world around them more intensely and critically. For this reason, finding the perfect (or just more interesting) gift for them can be challenging.

Here are some suggestions that we have gathered from talking to a few people and attending parties with six-year-olds.

1.Kid Made Modern Arts & Crafts Kit

All kinds of arts and crafts, bands, paper, paints, and clay. Kids love to create, and we should be building on that. There are these kits where you make fun friendship bracelets, and boys like them too. These can be found at House of Leather, and even Amani Gardens.


2. An Artist Pad

At six, kids lean towards creativity.  Nothing says creative like an artist pad! These are available at Game, House of Leather, Textbook Centre, and Carrefour.


3. Kanga Purses & Bags

How about getting them, locally-made, fun, stylish, and colorful purses. These can come in ‘handy’ when they go to play with friends or even when they go out. 


4. Soccer Ball

Soccer balls aren’t only brilliant to boost physical activity and team building, but they also get the kids to play outside more! Quick change of direction and diversity of movement are intrinsic to playing soccer. Thus, the simple act of playing the game provides the perfect stimuli to help children to develop these capacities. Nairobi’s weather can be pretty beautiful this time of the year, why not gift that six year old girl a soccer ball?

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5. Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are cheap, reusable and good for improving a kid’s memory and problem solving skills. Most of the time they need to stop and think about how and where to fit the different pieces. Figuring this out requires children to apply critical thinking. Every time they solve a puzzle, children also develop strategies to solve it faster the next time. Thus, they learn problem solving and come up with newer strategies to do it in a better way the next time.


6. Bead-Sets

Bead sets are perfect gifts for both boys and girls as they are a great way to encourage creativity and collaboration. It is a great past-time indoor activity for a cold day. 


7. Kitenge Dresses

How about a locally made kitenge dress or shirt? These can be found at Maasai markets every Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays either at the Lavington Mall, Diamond Plaza, Yaya, Junction Mall,  Village Market, or simply outside the Sarit Centre.


8. Kid Aprons

Interestingly, kids develop a love for cooking and baking from a tender age – ever noticed how their curiosity in the kitchen spikes when they see you whipping something?  Getting them kid aprons is a good way to indirectly get them exploring in the kitchen and a brilliant way to bond with them!


9. Swahili Princess Dolls

Growing up, we all wondered where to get dolls that looked like us.  Fortunately, our kids are able to get dolls that match their complexion which in turn helps them appreciate who they are. This can be found at Toy world.


10. Structure Games

Development studies show that six-year-olds enjoy structure in their games and activities. In Spot It, each card has exactly eight symbols, and each pair of cards shares exactly one symbol. Spot it would be a great way of encouraging them to think critically while playing in teams!


11. Bicycles

Didn’t we all wish we had a bigger bicycle when we turned 6? We know we did! Once your child has a bike, cycling is a fun and free activity that they can enjoy with friends and family for life. Riding a bike not only improves physical fitness, it also benefits your child’s learning development and mental health. A fantastic gift for both boys and girls, a bicycle allows outdoor exposure and discipline.


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