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Yeast Infections Be Gone!

Most ladies figure they know pretty much everything when it comes to the topic of their ‘lady parts. However, there is a lot that you may learn that may shock you. Vaginal Yeast (Candida) infections are more common than most would like to admit. Three out of four women get yeast infections at least once during their lives.

It’s not a condition that many would admit to, they simply deal with it behind closed doors with some refusing to see a doctor about it.

Vaginal yeast infections cause great discomfort, pain during urination, painful sex, vaginal odour, rashes, and a white, lumpy discharge. Keep in mind the vagina is an open system, meaning that anything that penetrates the vagina can affect its pH. They are caused by an imbalance in the pH level of the vagina. The imbalance could be attributed to birth control, menstrual cycle, pregnancy, intake of certain medications as well as certain medical conditions; these may include HIV and diabetes.

Your overall health is also an important factor. By taking the right measures to prevent all the uncomfortable moments here is how you can lower the chances of getting a yeast infection?







One of the most common annual or bi-annual tests performed at your OB/GYN visit is the pap test/pap smear. It not only detects the early signs of cervical cancer but it does more than that. As a woman making time for bi-annual check-ins ensures you catch any new/persistent issues and stay healthy for the long haul.

If this applies to you, visit Columbia Africa’s Health Check Program for a comprehensive preventative health checkup that is designed to suit your needs according to your age group.