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7 Ways to Save Money on Holiday Season

The festive season has begun and that means that there is a chance that you will be caught up having more month left by the end of your money. Worry not! Here are a few ways you can  start saving money during the holidays.

1. Carry snacks during outings

Hungry children can wreak havoc especially when in an unfamiliar place. When on holiday, pack snacks such as sandwiches and fruits for the children to snack on, for your day out. You don’t want to find yourself having to buy an expensive meal to dull the tantrums.


2. Eat at local restaurants

Tourist spots are known to hike prices to take advantage of visiting tourists. Thus be the wise one and ask the locals where they eat to get a great meal at half the price you would have paid. Also, avoid eating out if the hotel package you have is all inclusive. If you’d like a nice meal out pack some food from the hotel, and have a picnic!


3. Stay with family or friends

Hotels can be very expensive and the stay can feel impersonal. Before traveling, call family or friends in that location and see if you could arrange to stay with them. This will save you a fortune and a stay with familiar company can be great fun. If you have to rent a hotel travel it works best when you travel en masse as you ca  negotiate for a “group deal”


4. Cheap transport

It’s tempting to take taxis when on holiday, but taxi fares can rake up. Ask the locals about using public transportation. It could be an adventure especially for the kids. Be cautious when going to places that you are not familiar with.


5. 6 Block Rule

This rule needs to be in your back pocket! It simply means that you don’t eat or buy anything within 6 blocks of a popular tourist spot. These shops will likely have hiked prices to prey on unsuspecting tourists. Thank me later!


6. DIY

DIY can save you a fat wad of cash if you’re smart about how you do it. You could do activities that require as little money as possible. Instead of an expensive tour with a tour guide, befriend a local to take you around or take advantage of Google Maps and tour the city yourselves. Rent a few bikes to explore the area.


7. Opt for a STAYCATION

If the best deals you find are too pricey, then opt for a local vacation for now and postpone your bigger travel plans for the low season. Instead, use up some of that hard-earned money and take a fabulous staycation in your own city. You never know you could discover a hidden gem that will be totally worth it!. #TembeaKenya


I know that many other people also have great tips on saving cash on holiday travel, so please leave all of your best suggestions in the comment section below.


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