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7 Baby Hygiene Rules for Every New Mum

Raising a baby can sometimes feel like rocket science with all that you should and shouldn’t do. But fear not, MumsVillage is here to help. You’ll often hear from your older aunt or mother that if you expose your baby to germs you’re building their immunity.

This is true but this exposure to germs has to be limited therefore a few hygiene rules are a must when it comes to baby.


1. Floor Surfaces

Once your baby starts to crawl you feel like it’s gonna be the end of you. It’s nice to put him/her down but you find yourself having to run after them to make sure they don’t eat anything and everything they see. Babies’ favourite sucking toy seems to be their hands! (no matter how shiny and pretty their pacifier is). So when their hands are all over the floor most of the day, you need to ensure that your floors are clean and safe. Use some Milton sterilising solution to sanitize your floors. This way you won’t worry when he’s on the floor sucking away at his hands.



2. Kitchen Surfaces

The time has come when breast milk isn’t enough anymore and you have to supplement! Babies food need extra care when it comes to sanitation. Use some Milton sterilising solution to clean your surfaces to prevent cases of food poisoning. Try to ‘clean as you go’. This may sound a little OCD, but it’s not. Raw meat, poultry, fish, eggs and many other raw foods are the most common sources of germs.


3. Changing Mat

Before you dream of potty training becomes actualized, the changing mat is a place you and baby spend a lot of time. Therefore, it needs constant sterilisation especially after diaper changes. You can opt for Milton antibacterial wipes or any other wipes for quick sanitation in between diaper changes.  Also ensure you do regular diaper changes to keep your baby comfortable and clean.

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4. Toys

Toys can a notorious carrier of germs especially with baby’s tendency to throw the toys anywhere and everywhere. Do a thorough clean of the toys in some Milton solution every week or so. With bath toys make sure you let them dry before storing them away. Dampness could allow for development of algae or worse. TIP: Seal holes in bath toys with some glue to keep them dry inside.


5. Wash Your Hands

As a parent, you interact most with your baby so your hands need to be clean. Hands are known to be the number one carrier for germs and infections. Always keep antibacterial wipes on hand for a quick clean before handling baby.


6. Trim Your Baby’s Nails

If your baby’s nails get too long, they could harbor dirt underneath. Long nails also mean your baby could scratch him/herself while asleep. For a sneaky nail trim, do it while your baby is asleep to save yourself the fuss.


7. Devices

You may not realize it, but you’re probably on your phone half the day. This means that your phone or tablet carries the germs of everything that you’ve touched. Thus to prevent the spreading of germs, use Milton antibacterial wipes for a quick clean. Do so for your laptop at least once a day as well.


Find a sterilization solution or a sanitizer that will work great for you in all areas and is wallet-friendly.

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