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Think you’re Healthy? This is Why You Need a Health Checkup

health check up

It’s a popular culture here in Kenya to visit a hospital only if you’re missing a limb or in labour. Did you know that 60% of conditions can be prevented if discovered earlier. Regular health check ups are important to ensure a healthy life and know of what to do incase you are u any health issues before they happen.

Therefore, you need to find a hospital that you can rely on for your regular check ups (a minimum of once a year is recommended) Columbia Africa have regular health check ups tailored to your needs and pocket for all the different age groups.

The icing to the cake is that they also offer breakfast. We know we had you at Breakfast! 😉

Columbia Africa Comprehensive Health Packages Male Above 50 – Ksh. 9900

——and many more.


2. Female Above 50 – Ksh. 9900

…. and many more


3. Male (40-50) – Ksh. 7100

….and many more


4. Female (40-50) – Ksh. 8800

and many more


5. Male (30-40) – Ksh. 6900


6. Female (30-40) – Ksh. 8300


7. Male Below 30 – Ksh. 5900


8. Female Below 30 – Ksh. 7300


Click on the links to find out more information on the above procedures.


Hospital Details:

Location: Parklands and Lavington

Tel no: 0707 333666



Remember to ask your doctor what schedule is right for you

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