Could Baby Skincare Products Be The Answer To All Your Problems?

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Could Baby Skincare Products Be The Answer To All Your Problems?

Everyone knows baby skin is so smooth. Well it’s partly due to the fact that the baby just came from the mother’s womb where he/she was surrounded by the amniotic fluid that nourishes the skin. The baby is also protected from harsh conditions such as exposure to the sun.



Part of the skin being smooth is in the care and maintenance. Baby skincare products such as Johnson’s have a reputation for being gentle and good for baby skin. But what about me? I want to have baby’s smooth skin too! (and smell like a baby) So today we find out if baby skincare products (particularly Johnson’s) can work the same wonders for adult skin.


Johnson's Baby Skincare Products


Theoretically if it’s good enough for  a baby it should be for me too. Baby skincare products are generally more careful when it comes to being gentle on the skin. That’s what everybody needs!


Baby Skincare Products for Adults

First we will look at baby soap. Johnson’s Baby Soap lacks a heavy alkaline composition unlike most soaps making it good for your skin. It also manages to cleanse your skin without over drying. However, if your skin tends to get super oily it might not do the job as well. It has worked wonders for some people as a facial cleanser. The gentle property really helps out because sebaceous glands which produce oil are often triggered by harsh products thus result in breakouts. It could work great for those who have sensitive skin or even eczema prone skin. Just remember that you should consult  your dermatologist before using any of these products, I cannot guarantee that it will work for everyone.


Johnson’s Baby Oil is said to be able lock in up to 10x more moisture than ordinary lotion. Personally, I can vouch for this product. It works! A regular bottle size will last you up to 2 months if you’re mindful with how you use it. You will find that you skin stays smooth and moisturized throughout. If you have a part of your body, such as your legs,  that tends to get really dry try this out.


Johnson’s Baby Lotion is nice and light, oh and the smell! Am I the only one who’s obsessed with that heavenly baby smell? If you have dry skin you may find it doesn’t work as well for you but you could pair it with the Johnson’s Baby Oil to enrich it. Once again the gentle property is great particularly for those with sensitive skin.


Clean Body Clear Skin


There are mixed feelings about the Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. It seems to work great for people who naturally have straight hair. However, for those in the black natural hair community it is a bit strong for their hair. My research has revealed that a baby’s scalp produces a lot of oil thus the shampoo is built to cope with that while an adult’s scalp doesn’t necessarily produce as much thus some have found it to strip their hair of oils. If you decide to try it out do so with caution and consult a physician beforehand.


I think we can all agree that finding the right products for your skin is important and maybe baby products could be your answer. But remember that beauty comes from within so take care of the inside of your body first. Do consult with a dermatologist and do your research before you decide try. Be aware that not what works for some people will work for you.


PS: The best skincare product you could ever give yourself is self love and care.


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