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9 Unique Birthday Party Themes for Your Child

The day is coming up, and now you realize that your little baby is growing up. That little bundle you held in your hands a few months ago now runs around and wrecks havoc. Most parents want to do it big but different. So, we have rounded up some unique party themes that will leave your guests convinced that you’re a creative genius.


1. One in a Melon/ Two-tti Frutti/Berry Special

Make your child feel special with this play on words. The theme centers around fruits so its all bright colors and treats.

Colors: Pink/Red, Green, Black ,

Dress code ideas: pink/red  polka dot tutus


Credit: etsy.com

Snack ideas: mini fruit, cupcakes, fruit themed cookies, fruit juices like Minute Maid, popsicles etc


Credit: pizzazzerie.com

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2. I Scream for Ice Cream!

This theme is perfect for when the fierce Nairobi sun makes it’s way back to town.

Colors : pink, purple, blue, yellow, chocolate brown

Snack Ideas: cake pops on ice cream cones, ice cream,

Credit: londonhadalittlelamb.com


3. Tea for Two

If your little girl is a drama queen and loves to have high tea this theme is perfect for her 2nd birthday party. Make sure you have the tea cups and fake tea pouring!


Colors: pink

Snack ideas: cookies, mandazis,  samosa, tea, juice and cupcakes,


4. One Year in a Flash

If your child is tad too into superheroes then this is perfect. The dress code for the guests could be any superheroes of their choice and get the clown to dress up as Flash!


Credit: catchmyparty.com

Colors: red, white, yellow

Snack ideas: flash themed cookies, red and yellow starbursts in a bowl, strawberries dipped in white chocolate, buttered popcorn


5. Two Wild/ In Two the Wild/ Young Wild & Three

Perfect for a sunny day out, a jungle party theme is unique. Set your snack table outside under some shed or in your garden at home. You can improvise with some engaging treasure hunt games for the kids.


Credit: catchmyparty.com

Colors: black, grey, brown,

Snack ideas: lemonade, chocolate chip cookies, crisps, lion king design cake.


6. Bee Happy

Remember that scene in Me Before You when Sam Claflin gifted Emilia Clarke with the cute bumblebee tights? Or the Bee movie which your child may have watched already? Well, it’s time to break those out if you have a pair. The colors for this theme will set the ‘feel good’ mood all on its own.

Credit: indulgy.com

Colors: black and yellow

Snack ideas: lemonade, color coded cupcakes and cookies

It will be unbeeliveable how much fun you’ll have. 😉


7. Some Bunny is One

Can you think of anything cuter than a bunny? Probably only your baby.

Credit: popsugar.com

Colors: pink, white, orange, green

Snack ideas: zucchini cupcakes, cookies, carrot sticks and cucumber sticks (have your health freaks covered too)


8. A Day in Paris

Your could theme your snack stand as a little Parisian cafe.


Credit: instagram.com

Colors: black, white, red

Snack ideas : mini pastries of your choice (eg croissants, pies)


9. Pretty in Pink

This is an all time classic and favorite for many girls. It never fails though and it is pretty simple to pull off.

Credit: etsy.com

Colors: pink

Snack ideas: cupcakes, cake pops, marshmallows on a stick


9. In the Deep Blue

Another great theme for a hot day. You could arrange to have a pool party and have the dress code as beach wear.


Colors: blue, green, white

Snack ideas: jelly cups, gold fish cookies, star fish shaped fruit, fruit bowls of mocktail drinks.


Must Haves:

  • Photo booth.
  • A drink everyone will love, to keep the thirst at bay. The new Minute Maid Pulpy Orange will have you covered.
  • Entertainment (have both the kids and parents covered)
  • A special helper. Make sure you have someone to help make sure guests are fed, vases are not broken and the mess is cleaned up afterwards.


If you decide to use any of these themes, be sure to share the pictures with us. Also, let us know what other theme ideas you may have in your back pocket.