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5 Activities for Your Toddler This Holiday

The holidays are here and this time around they are pretty long. Keep your kids busy with any of the following entertaining activities :

1. Swimming

The Nairobi heat can sometimes be unforgiving take your kids down to the nearest pool to cool off. Swimming accomplishes so much more –  it actually enhances child development through motor coordination, strength and fitness.

Have a look at our compilation of the best swimming locations in Nairobi.


2. Dancing

Does your child like to jam to music all the time? Dance camps are a great way to while away the time. They will also benefit from the fitness aspect as well as gain self confidence.

Locations: Dance Center Kenya

The Dance Factory 

Life, Leadership & Dance Camp


3. Football

A great passion for many young boys is football. The holidays present the perfect opportunity to work on the skill. Soccer School of Kenya offers great training sessions as well as Elite Soccer Academy




4. Tennis

You never know you could be housing the next Serena Williams until you test it? Tennis is a great sport when it comes to instilling values as well as keeping you fit. JD Tennis Academy offers great classes and training sessions for kids. There is no time like the present.



5. Martial Arts

Martial Arts is something we see more of on kung fu movies but is actually an art that is taught here in Kenya. Martial Arts is great for teaching the values of discipline and commitment. It’s also great for self defense skills. SAMMA is an African form of martial arts that offers a great platform for children to learn martial arts skills from a young age. For more info please visit SAMMA.

For details, call +254 721 832 218 or +254 721 751737, +254 772 832218.


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