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11 Lifesaver Beauty Hacks every Woman should Try

Wakey wakey rise and shine it’s time to put your game face on.

Everyday duties of a mother can be taxing but it’s important to always have a beauty routine that fits your schedule. Whether using natural or store bought products, taking care of your face is important to keep away age and prevent damage from over exposure.

Here are some genius beauty hacks that will help bring out the best in you, everyday:

  1. The cardinal rules of any beauty routine is to not sleep with your make up on. Keep a bottle of makeup remover, coconut, olive or baby oil on your night stand or dressing mirror.

a) Wash your face with warm water and rinse with cold water after waking up. Pores open up when exposed to heat and putting on makeup right after washing your face can clog them.

b) Apply a little toothpaste on problematic areas at night as it gets rid of break outs.

2. Once or twice a week, you could do a mini facial with either store bought or readily available natural products right at your home. Here are a few examples of DIY home beauty remedies:

  a)Sugar scrub. Wet your face and put a spoonful of sugar in your hand and rub with circular motions gently on your face for about five minutes the rinse off. N.B, don’t use salt as it’s a drying agent.

  b)Mask your face with egg York mixed with avocado for a soft after glow. Just cut one up, take one half and apply it all over your face, wait to dry and rinse off. It acts a natural toner.


  c) Get rid of dark circles under your eyes using cucumber and teabags for   eyebags.

  d) Moisturize especially for dry skin, coconut oil is the ‘golden child’ of any beauty regiment and its free from chemicals.

  e) Mix turmeric and lemon juice, apply on your face and leave from 15-30 minutes, rinse off for and even skin tone.

3. On hot days, keep your make up light as it keeps your skin breathing and you don’t have to look like a melted candle stick. Be sure to check the weather forecast and avoid heavy foundation if possible. Mind your lips and neck when wearing your make up.


4.  Hydrate. It keeps your skin looking younger and toxin free. You could add any citrus fruit to your water to enhance flavor

5. You are what you eat. Avoid oily foods whenever possible and include a healthy portion of fruits and vegetables that are rich in anti-aging/ antioxidizing properties.

6. Avoid pinching on pimples as you can easily transfer bacteria to other parts of the face leading to increased breakouts.

7. When possible, fit in a workout routine for you to sweat out toxins and keep skin toned.



8. To reduce time taken on your beauty regiment, blast your skin with a blow drier set on the lowest setting.

9. Always remember to wrap your hair with a head scarf, to keep hair and hair oil away from your face hence reducing outbreaks and skin damages.

10. Check expiry dates on all your beauty products, especially eye make up and ensure you get rid of all expired products.

woman infront of mirror


11. Always wash your applicators and keep all your make up clean. Have a porous make up bag for correctly storing your make up and skin care products.

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