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10 Unforgettable Photos you should take of your Kids

Children grow up too fast. This is oh! So true, they morph from little blobs of life to fully functional humans with the passing of each day, whether on a handy camera, a professional shoot, or a selfie along the way, it’s a good idea for you to have pictures of these milestones for keepsakes!

Here are some of the unforgettable moments you should have as a reminder when they are all grown up and think it’s not cool and to hang out with their parents.


1. The Pregnancy Shoot. Gone are the days when women used to hide the shame of pregnancy. Beautiful and pregnant is in! Taking a memorable pregnancy photoshoot will let you have something to show the kids when they ask that dreaded question where do babies come from? Make it fun and give it a theme.

pregnant wo


2. Immediately after birth: mummy holding baby. That is a precious moment worth having a reminder of forever.


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3. Mum, dad, and baby. That is a must-have for any photo album. Proud moment for both parents and it marks the end of a successful pregnancy and the start of a new life as parents. If a child has older siblings they could have separate photos taken with the baby as well.

mum, dad and baby


4. First smile. Babies’ laughs are the most infectious. They are true and honest and bring joy to everyone around them so make sure to get that toothless smile shot while you can!

baby mumsvillage


5. Sleeping. Watching a baby sleeping soundly really comforting in a world that moves too fast. Having a photo of them in deep sleep is a good memento to have.

6. Goofy faces. Babies are funny little beings, they do the cutest little faces while trying to learn about how the world works. It’s always good to have a camera nearby.

baby girl making a face


7. Family photo. Family is forever. Not always do you get the whole family together for a photo so why not make a beautiful snap while you have everyone together! The holidays are a good time to do this. Those funny Christmas sweaters are a fun topic to laugh about while going through old family albums!

family taking a walk


8. Throwback photo. Babies take their looks from either side of the family. You could take a side by side of the person they look like as a child and compare it to your child. Also, you could recreate old family photos and include the missing child. Make it fun and colorful.

throwback photo album


9. First birthday. The baby sure won’t remember it, but the parents will! Getting to one year is an important milestone in a child’s life. It marks their transition from babies to toddlers, it rewards the parents for their hard work and sleepless nights put in raising a baby.


10. 1st day of school. This is a moment that lives in our minds forever. The emotional roller-coaster felt by both parents and child is overwhelming, to say the least. Have a photo of that too.

first day of school


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