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10 Creative Ideas for your Next Family Photoshoot

Pictures are memories frozen in time that we can hold forever. Gone are the days for a simply family pose, you know the one where the kids sit on stools while the parents stand behind them. Times have changed and ideas have evolved so  you have to get creative.

Here a few ideas for a memorable photo session with the family:


1. Football/Rugby/Basketball Theme

Pick a sport, any really and get jerseys for the family. It’s a great idea for a casual fun shoot. You could have the jerseys custom-made and have the family name at the back.


2. Poolside chilling

This is great a hot day and everyone is guaranteed to have fun. Get the kids matching swim suits for a cuter shot and have the family lined up on the edge of the pool from tallest to shortest. Then have the photographer get shots of you as you dive into the pool sideways, one by one. (only recommended for adults to dive but have a lifeguard on standby just to be safe)


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3. Spell It Out

This is great for any size of family as you can spell out different words such as love or family or the family name as illustrated below. Likewise, you could get small boards with one letter on each and spell the words out this way.



4. Optical Illusions

If you are feeling adventurous and your children are patient, this one is for you!



4. Royalty

Take advantage of the time before baby arrives and takes over. You could get crowns or DIY and even go all out with a throne room like setting. If you’re the ‘extra’ kind of family go ahead and get gowns and scepters! Make sure you get the dramatic staircase shots.


5. Superheroes

Anoyone who manages to parent and stay sane must be one! Get some cute customes for you and the kids or even DIY if you want to be a ambitious. You could dress up the family as the Avengers;


6. I’ve Got Your Back

This is perfect for the fit families. Have the dad do a push up and have the mum and baby on his back. If he can stand more, have everyone on there!

 © Instagram user shiv_justgymit


7. Telephone Game for the Kids

Getting kids to smile when you want them too can be difficult, thus lighten mood by having them play a game of telephone. It will make for great authentic pictures.

mobile phone ready


8. Gift wrapped

This is a great idea for a maternity shoot. Have the mummy-to-be’s bump wrapped with a bow on top.

©Instagram user jaykanyi


9. Themed T-Shirts

This has got to be the easiest idea to execute so far. Find a place to print some plain t-shirts and get some design ideas from Pinterest.

©Instagram user _alphabeta


10. Sibling Power

Not only will taking these photos of your sibling kids make you say “awwww” but it will capture that special moment between your babies for ever.



Tips on A Hastle Free Photo Session:

  • Pick a theme 2 weeks ahead of time
  • Have outfits ready 2 days before
  • Book the location a week ahead of time
  • Book a photographer 2 weeks before and coordinate times as well as the themes you’re interested in exploring.


Happy Family Photo session!!


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