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Working From Home? What’s The Fuss?

The majority of us remote workers are now on a forced path of working from home. Working from home has been taken in all sorts of manners, it is liberating in its way to some, it is being able to be flexible with your work and with your creativity and your flow to others. But others, it has hit them hard.


Create a schedule

What we are taking from this experience as shared by our tribe is that the constant schedule for everyone is still very important. If you are working from home it is very easy for you to want to sleep in and catch up with whatever needs to be done a bit later, but Nah, stay on a schedule. This means you allow yourself to do just what your brain/body can manage without overstretching and having some time to yourself.

Having a schedule means that you also have time to eat and cook for yourself when it’s the right time. It also means you give yourself that much-needed body stretch and time to be away from your workspace. But working from home and staying away from the kitchen frequently might be a challenge, this can be avoided quite a bit if you have something to snack on from your desk. Fun fact, nuts are the ultimate brain food, so go on and have some nuts on your desk for that snacking urge.

Avoid working during the night if you can. Dedicate that time to plan, put your thoughts together, and to have some ‘ME’ time.


Have a dedicated workspace

Distractions are sometimes unavoidable. The loud door bangs. The attention-seeking toddler. That urge to peep through the window when you hear the neighbours’ commotion outside. Having a separate well lit workspace where you dedicate your work hours can help a lot and keep you away from the TV and all the distractions.

For some who have been working in offices and rely on that office environment to get productive, they might be feeling like they are in forced hibernation right now. The constant zoom meetings that have followed are accelerating. Putting on a good playlist could help release that creativity and put you on a productive edge.


Phone off/silent during work hours but knock yourself out afterwards

When you find yourself fidgeting with your thoughts or losing your concentration, you will likely be drawn to your phone, its best to put it on silent as this helps to bring you back on track and get on with the flow.

We are all in the most unprecedented yet interesting times of our lives, our paths have been thrown off track, way off track. The sociable ones are feeling stuck in their houses and they’re craving the outside life immensely. Do get social on a call with somebody other than your workmates, catch up virtually and ease your mind out of your work zone.

It is easy to get carried away if you are working on something exciting, interesting and find yourself going on and on and on but do remember it is important to find your balance and your self-discipline. Stretch your body. Stretch your mind. Sleep well. Eat well and hydrate well.

Do not forget to pat yourself on your shoulders, relax, and have a glass of wine, a cup of tea, some good music because you deserve it!

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