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Women in Business : Kiran Sahib

What would you like the MumsVillage audience to know about you?

I am 27-year-old entrepreneur, passionate about education and providing young people with opportunities to enhance their futures. Lewis (my co-founder) and I started swivelBOX last year to do exactly that. At swivelBOX we build and deliver entrepreneurship training for institutions across Kenya to provide young people with educational opportunities.

What are the benefits of an entrepreneurship programme?

The world is changing and alongside that, employment trends are changing as employers seek a more proactive workforce. In addition, self – employment is high in Nairobi and is on the rise globally. Despite this young people aren’t being prepared for the future job market.

Working with teachers, entrepreneurs, employers and parents we have identified 5 key skill areas that are valuable in the work place. Our programme specifically tackles these areas and provides:

  • A proactive entrepreneurial mindset that includes perseverance, resourcefulness, and creativity.
  • The knowledge and confidence to generate a viable business idea and implement it.
  • The tools to problem solve effectively and efficiently.
  • The environment to develop strong communication and collaboration skills.
  • A new perspective on the potential of self employment.

How is entrepreneurship training going to help my child get a job?

Entrepreneurship training does not just equip individuals with skills to help them build businesses, it provides them with key skills to build an idea and implement it.

‘It’s useful for everyone even non-entrepreneurs and I think that is really good. For example I’m interested in dentistry and I think this experience with swivelBOX would help me do that better.’

Anonymous Student, International School of Kenya Year 10 Business School

What experiences have the team had?

I have spent the last three years working in Kenya in the start-up scene with Balloon Ventures. I have run entrepreneurship training for DFID funded ICS Entrepreneur programmes as well as various start-up incubators.

Lewis has a strong grounding in innovation& sustainability consultancy and has spent the last two years working intermittently with Balloon Ventures, supporting a wide range of entrepreneurs.

Who have you worked with before?

We have worked with some great schools around Nairobi, including the International School of Kenya, GEMS School International and Braeside.

What’s does the training entail?

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 Are you hosting any events?

Yes! We are running the first ever Entrepreneurship Academy for 14-18 year olds at the International School of Kenya from the 25th July -29th July.

How can people find out more information?

To find out more information please click here to access our website. Or just drop me an email at kiran@swivelbox.biz and ask me any question you please!

How much does it cost?

The cost of the programme is 19,900/= for a 5 day intense experience with us. However if you sign up 2 people at the same time, the price is 17,900/=

How can people apply?

To apply, just simply click here.

We are also offering MumsVillage 1 spot to give away at full price, and 2 other spots at half price. Fill in this  form to stand a chance of winning one of these offers.

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