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Weekly Roundup : Rafiki Hits the Cinemas!

Today, at Mumsvillage, we present you with a roundup of all that has been happening in Social Media, the commendable, the good and the not-so-good.

Lifting the ban on Rafiki

Kenyans were excited that the high court lifted the ban on Rafiki. Rafiki is now being watched and tickets have sold out. KFCB Chairman, Ezekiel Mutua is very much against it and in his anti-rafiki campaigns has elicited interest in Kenyans towards the film. Rafiki was nominated for the Oscars and will now be eligible to win.


Remembering Westgate Mall Attack

We should never forget the people we lost on September 21st 2013. On the 21st of this month, Kenyans on Socials reminded each other of these lives; and the mystery surrounding the attack. Kenyans should always remember this day and promote peace and tolerance across the country.


Can you Relate?

A mother illustrates her everyday struggles that we think  most mums can relate. Motherhood has it’s struggles but we live for the tender moments, the hilarious ones and the baby milestones.


Motherhood in the Age of the Crunchy Instagram Mama

Are you an Instagram mom? Read Ashley Abramson’s take on Motherhood in the Age of the Crunchy Instagram Mama

Explore natural parenting  from a new perspective with Ashley. Find your own definition of natural parenting and run with it.


Bringing Up Teenagers

Are  you butting heads with your teenagers? Teens are hardly ever easy for everyone; neither the parents nor the  teenagers involved. Sometimes as parents, it can seem like we are always saying the wrong thing!
Here are  10 things you should never say to a teenager.


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