Weekly Roundup: Sophy Osano reaping Big from Mitumba Business.

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When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful Malala Yousafzai

Weekly Roundup: Our very Own Villager Reaping Big from Mitumba Business

Success, therefore, should not be a destination but instead an approach to life. You’re successful so long as you’re following your own curiosity and pushing your own boundaries. ~ Tim Ferriss.


Entrepreneur earning big from Mitumba Business

We are very proud of Sophy Osano who specializes in second hand ladies clothes at Imenti House, store number J3. She started her business while still employed with a minimum of Kenya Shillings 3,000. She has since grown to rent a stall and appear in Soko Directory. Read her story here.

 When the why is strong enough you’ll figure out how. ~ Bill Wash.


Passengers willing to pay more for Child Free Airplane Flights

That’s right. That’s where our agitation, impatience and intolerance of crying children has reached. 25% of passengers are willing to pay more which raises the question; do they have kids? What happens to parents whose kids have different social challenges and more importantly what will they do when they get to the other end of the spectrum?

Maybe they can keep the normal flights, and have child free flights too. What do you think?


17 Year old Gloria Nansubuga wins World Chess Title in Georgia


The Queen of Katwe actress is now a Woman Fide Master (WFM) and she is not an overnight access. Gloria hs been perfecting her talent  since she was  4 and has won  many tournaments before imaging as the World winner. You can read more on her story here.


November is Approaching, So is Black Friday

Black Friday with Jumia is approaching. As we gear towards it, save up to snatch the best and amazing deals and take advantage of hot deals as they come. In fact they just did a deal reveal so head over there and take advantage of Black Friday.


How Hygienic are our Swimming Pools?

Swimming pools


Now that the weekend is here and the weather is great, swimming is a great option. Find out the precautions you should take before taking your family out for a swim and how to determine a pools hygienic conditions here. Having the knowledge on how clean pools are and the frequency of  maintenance is essential for your family’s health.


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