Stories We Love: Kenya Tourism Board Pormotes Local Tourism.

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Stories We Love: KTB Promotes Local Tourism

This week on social media we discover some amazing things that are happening within the Kenya and the globe, about motherhood, our country and the world that we live in and love. We also included a resource; mum hacks when children are sick and ouchie so check it out.

This Week in Motherhood

Here are some mum hacks that all mothers can use when your little one gets sickly, with a flu, tummy ache or just to keep them busy at the doctor’s!

Standing Up Against Racism

Our social media hero today is Kamila Trent who stood up against a white lady at a store. The lady verbally assaulted 2 Hispanic women for speaking Spanish as they stood frozen lacking of words. Hundreds of people have flocked to her Facebook page  to thank her for her courage.

The video posted on twitter has been retweeted so many times  and it will make you cry.

Stand up for the voiceless.

Stand up against tribalism, racism, misogyny, bigotry, islamophobia, homophobia or any other kind of oppression.



This week in Leadership, Swiss President Alain Berset has been trending for reading his notes on the pavement in NYC during  the UNGA assembly . Africans and Kenyans in particular feeling that we need leaders who can live minimally. Can you find a Kenyan MCA, let alone a governor do this? Interesting.

Local Tourism

Kenya Tourism Board are promoting local tourism by giving the Equator a clear Signage and move it from a sign to an experience. The Equator runs across the country from distinct towns; Mogotio to Nanyuki to Subukia to Maseno.

Social Media


The Ministry of Tourism also launched a travel expo today at the KICC with over 25 counties represented. The expo is a 3 day event.


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