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Weekly Round-Up: Ninja Mum and Bath-time floaters

Weekly Round-Up II- Ninja Mum

 A Ninja Mum, Cyber Spiders, new allergies and how to wash a car with a baby. These are the stories that captured our interest this week. 

1.‘Cyber-spiders’, bath-time floaters and Vaseline mishaps

Motherhood can be downright hilarious. Topping our list this week are these laugh-out-loud motherhood moments from four Nairobi Mums. #RealMumsofNairobi

2. Ninja mom things

In this week’s how to escape a toddler we feature a South African mom desperate not to wake her son, resorts to some ninja tactics.

3. How to wash a car with a baby

How to dad gives a great tutorial on how to get your toddler to wash your car. However you might have to wait until the drought is over to try this.

4. Kenyan School Mums

We couldn’t resist. Just in case you missed it, these are the top five Kenyan school mums you are bound to meet.


5. News Alert! There is a new allergy in town.

No it has nothing to do with food or drinks. It has however driven this poor mum to live in a shed.

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