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Weekly Round-Up: Ninja Mum and Bath-time floaters

 A Ninja Mum, Cyber Spiders, new allergies and how to wash a car with a baby. These are the stories that captured our interest this week. 

1.‘Cyber-spiders’, bath-time floaters and Vaseline mishaps

Motherhood can be downright hilarious. Topping our list this week are these laugh-out-loud motherhood moments from four Nairobi Mums. #RealMumsofNairobi http://snip.ly/x7fvd

Ninja Mum -Real Mums of Nairobi

2. Ninja mom things

In this week’s how to escape a toddler we feature a South African mom desperate not to wake her son, resorts to some ninja tactics.  http://snip.ly/00um2

Ninja Mum

3. How to wash a car with a baby

How to dad gives a great tutorial on how to get your toddler to wash your car. However you might have to wait until the drought is over to try this.  http://snip.ly/1psbk

4. Kenyan School Mums

We couldn’t resist. Just in case you missed it, these are the top five Kenyan school mums you are bound to meet.  http://snip.ly/qrbwe

Ninja Mum- Kenyan School Mums


5. News Alert! There is a new allergy in town.

No it has nothing to do with food or drinks. It has however driven this poor mum to live in a shed. http://snip.ly/3b00q

Ninja Mum- Allergy Alert

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