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Weekly Round-Up: Baby Cuddling, Amazing Dad and Inspiring Teacher

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.’ – Mahatma Gandhi


Our round-up this week is inspired by this quote. The stories are about ordinary people who dared to be different and strive for change, consequences notwithstanding. We have a determined father, an inspiring teacher and wonderful scientists and more.


  1. The Love of a Father

Baby Sol was born in March 2015. He had his arm amputated at just ten days old because of an unexpected clot in his arm. Speaking to the Telegraph, his devoted father shared how he taught himself biotechnology after his baby son had to have his arm amputated.

Unsatisfied with the “cumbersome” options available for children and babies on the NHS, the psychology teacher locked himself in his shed for days on end to make the perfect bionic arm for his little boy.

Arms with sensor technology, according to Ben Ryan, aren’t available until children are three or four years old, and he “wanted it a bit quicker than that”.

Watch his amazing story here:

2. Science Proves You Can’t Hold Your Baby Too Much

Good news for all of us with that one friend or family member who likes to scold us for “spoiling” our babies by holding them too often. According to a new study, you can’t EVER cuddle your newborn too much. And in fact, touch is crucial to a baby’s development and actually has some pretty major benefits when it comes to brain development. Full story


3. Teacher winning at life

Ana Barbara Ferreira, a teacher in Sao Paulo, Brazil, said one of her students was “sad” after being ridiculed by a boy, who had said her hair was “ugly”. This Is How Her Teacher Responded.

4. Medical Breakthrough: Scientists discover way to produce unlimited blood supply

Researchers at the University of Bristol in England have created the first immortalized blood cell lines, allowing for the mass production of red blood cells. Here how they did it.


5. 19 Food Hacks to Try.

Turns out we have been doing a lot of things wrong. These 19 food hacks will be sure to blow your mind.