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6 Reasons you Should Take your Kids to Watch Tinga Tinga Tales

From the time it first opened in March, this fabulous family Musical has taken Nairobi by storm. Here are 6 reasons you don’t want to miss it!

  1. Bonding. Bonding and memories. Your kids will be 18 before you know it, so seize the moment while they are tiny enough to enjoy such outings. #CarpeDiem #Kidsgrow #Fast


2. Selfies! And more Selfies! A chance to meet up with cool celebrities and take great selfies. #JSO #JohnSibiOkumu #GraceMsalame fb5

3. Eric. An opportunity to see Nairobi’s Funnest Dad Eric Wainaina live in action. #EricWainaina #Funnestisaword #evenifwejustmadeitupfb4

4. A chance to Loosen up and Play. Being a parent is all about reliving your childhood. Tinga Tinga tales is the perfect opportunity to bring out the child in you.

tinga tinga

5. Supercharge your kids’ IQ. Our studies show that Tinga Tinga Tales – the Musical is the number 1 choice for smart children.tinga tinga

6. All the cool peeps are going. Some families are so cool, they went for a second helping of Tinga fun and laughter.

Faith Kamiri tinga tinga tales

If you haven’t already gone for Tinga Tinga Tales – The Musical, you still have a few days to catch the daily shows ending this weekend. Book yours today! For a more in-depth review of the TingaTinga Tales Musical, read about Tara Wambugu’s experience on her Blog.

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