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Our First April Fool’s Joke Reactions

We had no clue whatsoever that our April Fool’s article on our “successful” UberNyonyo app would be such a hit online, especially on the twitter streets.

Most of our twitter followers fell for the gimmick and took to retweeting and praising this amazing “lifesaver”

April Fool's UberNyonyo

2016-04-02_0862April Fool's UberNyonyo

April Fool's UberNyonyo

April Fool's UberNyonyo

As you can see, our followers had fallen for the joke hook, line and sinker.

April Fool's UberNyonyo

One or two tweeps were sitting on the fence with this. To believe or not to believe, that is the question.

April Fool's UberNyonyo
When they finally realised it was not a joke…things took a turn for the worse with some vowing to stay offline for the rest of the day.

April Fool's UberNyonyo April Fool's UberNyonyo

April Fool's UberNyonyo April Fool's UberNyonyo

We are proud to have given #KenyansOnTwitter one of the best jokes of the day. Thank you Hapa Kenya for the accolade.

April Fool's UberNyonyo

You know your prank was a success when a random blog across the continent takes time to feature you.



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  1. Best april fool’s joke to date. Hope to see it become an app

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