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Vinita Otieno : 4 Tips to Stay Fit this Holiday

 1. Mmhhh eat less? Who are we kidding? It’s really easy to fall off the wagon and stay fit once the December holiday sets in.

In many ways, it seems like people get in shape with a date in mind (Dec 25 or Dec 31) and an agenda to lose enough weight to over indulge without caring ( losing your waistline) that been said. A trick I find effective is adding thirty minutes of activity to your day (gym, walk, run, do an aerobic tape.) just do not go from being active to over eating and moving less.

2. Team Fitness

Those friends of yours who you have not seen for agesinto team fitness…instead of catching up over drinks and dinner try catching up as you all sweat it out (Jafferey has a really nice track and ample space to walk with at least two of your good friend)

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3. Abs are made in the Kitchen

Do not forget when all is said and done “You are really and truly what you eat.” That flat midsection you are currently staring at was not built on Nyama Choma, booze and sitting. It was built by drinking loads of water, passing over the plate laden with cookies, learning that pouring oil into a sufuria does more harm than good. Eat Healthy, yes you might trip and fall (late night at kengeles drinking and eating meat nonstop) however do not beat yourself up. Just clean up your diet as you try and stay fit.

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4. Food Combining

So you have been invited for a family function and all five senses are overwhelmed by the tantalizing display in front of you, and you think it is time to throw in the towel. Breath in and out, I am here to guide you on how how to stay fit. Aim for the grilled foods or the meals prepared with less oil, serve more protein than carbs and yes leave space for that cake it is the festive season after all. Drink more water, less sugary drinks and walk about a lot more. Better yet, volunteer to do the clean-up and sneak in a fat burning session and score as a good guest.

Keep yourself busy…and keep those calories burning.

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How else can we lose holiday weight?

So January gets here and you gained five kilos in December. Do not give up. Start by cleaning up your diet. Replace anything that does not serve you with sustained energy, for example, eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast may not serve you as well as eating two pieces of sweet potatoes and arrow roots. Skipping breakfast is another sure way to crash mid-morning, Drink loads of water  throughout the day and lastly add an activity to your day.



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Vinita Otieno is a health and wellness coach, you can find her at FitHappens here.