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My Girlfriend is on The Pill and I don’t like it

Valentine, my girlfriend is on the pill and I don’t like it. I have heard that those things are not good for you. We have been using condoms but we discussed using the rhythm method then I found pills in her bag. What do I do?


on the pill


Dear Sir, mind your own business.

Right now you are a boyfriend. One that has decided not to procreate with his girlfriend. She has generously taken the burden of contraception off your collective shoulders and put it squarely on hers. She is using the pill which is 97% effective. I fail to see the problem.

The rhythm method is not as effective as the pill or even condoms for that matter. It entails counting days of the month, figuring out when you are ovulating and thus likely to conceive so you avoid sex for those days which could be as many as 10… Many people think it is too much work for a method that is just 80 to 87% effective. 

Your girlfriend might not be willing to make all these calculations, be abstinent for 10 days and take a 13-20% chance at pregnancy every month.


So what do you do? Continue to enjoy the sex that is available to you with the woman you love. When you are ready to get married, then you will have more of a say regarding her body but ultimately, it will still be her choice. 

Motherhood and fatherhood are two different enterprises. All good parenting is emotionally demanding but mothering takes a physical toll that fatherhood just doesn’t. Carrying a child, breastfeeding, sleepless nights… It alters a woman’s actual DNA.

You have a responsible woman who is real about the life she wants and the sex she is having.  Count your blessings.

If you want more control over the contraception that you use then you can always wear a condom.


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