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Vaccination Schedule for Children Under 2 Years

Babies are mostly helpless especially when it comes to fighting off disease. Therefore the breast milk which contains some antibodies. However, there needs to be a supplement which comes in the form of vaccines.

In Kenya, the Immunization Schedule is provided by the Division of Vaccines and Immunizations (DVI) in the Ministry of Health and is commonly known as KEPI (Kenya Expanded Programme on Immunization).

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This is the schedule listed below. Most hospitals will give a vaccination schedule for your baby and it may include a few vaccines not listed below;

  • Flu given at 6-7 months
  • Chicken pox at 1&2 – 9& 11 months
  • Menanctra (Meningitis) at 9 months
  • MMR (Mumps Measles Rubella) at 15 months
  • Typhoid at 2 years


At Birth:

Vaccine    Protects Against

OPV             Polio

BCG             TB (tuberculosis)

Hep B          Hepatitis B


At 6 Weeks

Vaccine    Protects Against

DPT                      Diphtheria , Pertussis (Whooping Cough), Tetanus

HIB                      Hemophilia Influenza Type B

HEP B                 Hepatitis B

OPV                     Polio

Pneumococcal   Pneumonia

Rota Virus          Rota Virus

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At 14 Weeks

Vaccine           Protects Against

DPT                     Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus

HIB                      Hemophilia Influenza Type B

HEP B                 Hepatitis B

OPV                     Polio

VIT A                  Vitamin A deficiency

Rota Virus          Rota Virus


At 6 Months

Vaccine           Protects Against

VIT A                  Vitamin A deficiency


At 9 Months

Vaccine            Protects Against

Measles               Measles

Yellow Fever      Yellow Fever



  • Most jabs are given as a combination rather than many separate injections
  • Make sure your child is getting all the vaccines that they should but always know that the parent has a decision to make, for the ones that are not mandatory.
  • Some vaccines have side effects on the infant and it is best to confirm with your doctor what to expect after a clinical visit.
  • Not every child is the same so it is best to work with your gut instinct on what works best for your child as a side effect remedy.
  • If your child is due for immunisation but gets ill during the same period of time it is also best to consult your doctor on postponing the vaccination

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