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Every Scar Has a Story – What’s Yours?

“Every scar has a story.” Those words stuck with her ever since that moment. Years ago at college, she was out having drinks with friends, who introduced to this mysterious guy. He had this intriguing scar on his left cheek.When she asked about it, he smiled and slowly uttered those words – loaded with meaning.


Every Scar Has a Story

Today she can attest to the truth of that statement. Grown up knees in power suits and stilettos still sport tiny scrapes from tomboyish exploits. Days spent climbing trees and wrestling with cousins, chasing goats or picking mangoes from Dana’s farm. Those tiny but pesky marks on her jawline remind her of the stress she underwent while sitting her mocks and final exams. How she couldn’t resist picking those annoying teenage zits. Looking back, she had assumed her flawless skin would simply bounce back and miraculously erase those marks.

Doesn’t time heal all wounds?



Underneath her gold bracelet and designer wristwatch, the dark brown marks from frying chapattis reminds her of her first few years as a new wife. Hasty delicious dinners thrown together when he suddenly arrived with one or two extra guests. Thank goodness, she found a great househelp who can now replicate her culinary prowess!

Not forgetting the scar hardly anyone ever sees –the one that commemorates her proudest moment.

As her finger traces the line around it, she can’t help but shudder when her thoughts flash back to that time.

The emergency C-section was so scary! Thanks to Dr Patel’s quick thinking, her precious firstborn arrived safely into this world. Looking in the mirror at that strategically shaped scar, she remembers how excited she was when she first felt the flutter of new life in her now flat belly.


Diaspora Life

Going oversees to do her degree was the best of times, but the worst of times. Homesickness, academic pressure, winter blues, self-loathing and extreme dieting in her late teens and early 20s led to bright tiger-marks along her upper arms, thighs and glutes. A disastrous relationship where her ‘prince-charming’ actually hit her left her with an impressive scar that she would rather not talk about.

When she finally walked out, she felt a huge weight lift off her shoulders.

Today when she throws back her head to laugh at her children’s jokes, the creases around her mouth and eyes are evidence that she is deep into her 30s. But she has never felt or looked better. She jogs to clear her mind, goes swimming with the kids, and eats moderately. At most times, she has learned the art of balance – the wisdom of turning off your laptop to get some sleep or to run outside with the kids. She is still their favourite playmate, but now they are bigger and their games less boisterous.

As a single Mum, her schedule is intense but her days are filled with purpose and laughter. Her scars are less pronounced, and the stretch marks from her heavier days are harder to see. Not that it bothers her much – she knows she is beautiful, and she is loved.


Still, each morning and evening as she pulls out her trusted bottle and twists open the lid, she looks in the mirror and smiles. Every scar has a story, but not everyone needs to know it.

Thanks to Bio Oil, hers remain her own little secret.

Bio Oil. #Own Your Marks.