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Our Top 15 Most Read Stories of 2017

As we celebrate Christmas and welcome the new year, we present a fresh roundup of our most popular posts (in no particular order) chosen by you, our loyal readers.  Watch out for better stories next year. We plan to keep you glued to the screen.


1. When Brand Mum Spoke, We Knew to Listen

” My mum had a way of speaking that literally drove the point across. You were inclined to make the right decision after you weighed the pros and cons. Now that I am older, I realise she had a very precise ‘brand message’. Her message let us know that she was in charge and not even God could save you! The message was ‘broadcast’ when you were calm and did not perceive any danger. ”

Brand Mum


2. The Kenyan Law on Child Support and Maintenance

Child support cases are not new to Kenya, a number of cases involving prominent politicians have made for big news. This is what you need to know about the Kenyan Law.

play date


3. 15 Interesting Things a First Mum Should Know

Being pregnant was definitely the easy part. Now you’re a mum and it is not only going to be exciting but it will be totally overwhelming and scary too. These are just a few things to know as you begin motherhood.


4. 15 Interesting Things a First Time Dad Should Know

Being a father is one of the most amazing things you’ll ever get to do. If you’re about to be a firsttime dad, be sure to read these tips about what you can do to be a hands-on dad and make your wife’s life a little easier.


5. My Experience Co-parenting with an Absentee Dad

“Baby daddies aka men who abandon their own aka absentee fathers. If there’s one question I would ask such guys who dodge their responsibility, it would be, “What on earth were you thinking?” A second question would be, “How do you even sleep at night knowing that your offspring is somewhere out there?” ”

breastfeeding facts


6. The most important routines for a Happy Baby

Getting your baby into a steady daily routine can make life easier for the whole family. We have advice on establishing the most important routines for your baby that you might appreciate.



7. What Most Parents take for granted I take as a sign of Triumph

Hello, my name is Christine and I am a mother to two children with special needs. My gorgeous girls have taught me the meaning of strength and resilience.

Parents take for granted


8. 14 Maternity Packages for Hospitals in Nairobi

Childbirth is an experience like no other – for you and your family. As you step into this adventurous journey of parenthood we have provided an overview of maternity packages for hospitals around Nairobi to get you started. Happy Parenting!

maternity packages


9. 11 Best Swimming Locations for Toddlers

Children swimming is an exciting, enriching experience for everyone involved. We’ve compiled a list of child-friendly pools that may be in your neighbourhood.

swimming locations for toddler


10. What to Expect for your Nanny Position Description

A Sample Position Description for your Domestic Manager who may be coming in 2018


11. 9 Etiquette Rules for Visiting Parents with a Newborn

Visiting a mama with a newborn? Take these etiquette rules into consideration to ensure you’ll be invited back very soon.

newborn skin condition


12. Bottoms Up! Perfect Mummy Mocktails for a Sunny Day

If one of the things that you’re missing most during your pregnancy or just after giving birth, is kicking back with an icy cold cocktail at the end of a long day, you’re in luck. We’ve got 3 delicious, nonalcoholic drink recipes for mums-to-be, or anyone looking to cut back on their liquor intake.

mummy mocktails


13. Vaginal Dryness is a Reality in Most Women

This week I answered a question about vaginal dryness in one of my Ask Valentine videos, but I was not able to cover all the causes. Here is why vaginal dryness is common and a reality in many women


14. 15 Romantic Movies for a Romantic Night-In

A movie night is the perfect way to stay in, but still do something fun. Here are 15 movies that are perfect for a night-in with bae.

movies for date night


15. 10 Celebrities Open up about Postpartum Depression

Even the happiest, richest and most famous Hollywood mums have suffered from Postpartum Depression. Some celebrities have openly revealed their struggle with this illness and it’s even tougher due to the fact the world expects them to keep up the image of a perfect life. Here is what these 10 inspiring celebrity mums had to say about their experiences that was definitely more than just baby blues:


To top it all off, we also ran the first season of the MumsVillage Show Live on Facebook that was uniquely focused on women in stages of motherhood, business, fashion, beauty and life in general.

If you didn’t have a chance to watch it all, you can find the episodes on the main tab of our page. Here is the premier