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“Nina kichwa uchungu (“My scalp is sensitive”), “ is something that we’re used to hearing here at Nywele Nyumbani, together with “I hope ako na mikono nzuri (I hope she has gentle hands)”. We find these comments common amongst expectant and postpartum moms, together with one other: “I’m losing my hairline”.


I know it can be disconcerting for a new mother, or any woman for that matter, to notice that her hairline is receding; that the place where her braids would start is moving backwards. But science has an answer for that: during your pregnancy, your hair misses the shedding stage. You see, your hair has three stages: growth, resting and finally shedding. But during your pregnancy, when your estrogen levels are higher than usual, your hair tends to grow and not to shed. Then comes delivery; your estrogen levels drop back to normal and all that delayed shedding starts to happen. And sometimes your hairline is the first victim to go.

The worst part about this is that it may make it feel impossible to deal with your hair. But sometimes, even during the stresses that pose with a newborn, you still need that “me and glam” time. At Nywele Nyumbani, we’ve taken time to curate hairstyles that can suit your hairline, are gentle on your scalp, plus some tips to go with.


1. The Trusted Lines

Lines have a unique history in the African woman’s life. When you’re a little girl and finally you don’t have to shave your hair, lines it is. But I’m not talking about back-to-school lines (even though we do them, sic); I’m talking about Fulani braids, Ghanaian braids and all the braid compilations that you can think of. Take a look at some examples down below, which are great for your facial structure and easy to maintain in those first few months after birth:


2. The Knotty Locs

Don’t let the name fool you into thinking what most of us worry about: Locs are too painful. Locs will strain my hair, my scalp. A common assurance that we give our clients is that the methods used cater to sensitive scalp. For example, the distressed Locs are done by first braiding a strand of hair and then crocheting on top of the Locs. Some examples on Locs, which are great for helping you forget about your hair for some time can be seen right here:



In addition to artificial Locs, you can also install permanent Locs during your postpartum period. And if you already have the permanent Locs, you don’t have to miss retouch sessions. You can switch the dryer for the natural heat from the sun. After waxing or crocheting your Locs, you can let them dry under the sun. And when done properly, you won’t have to worry about build-up. Take a look at how sun-dried Locs can still look good:



3. The Feather Braids

When your scalp is sensitive and you feel like your hair will strain under anything heavy, these feather-light braids are your best bet to still look amazing and be able to maintain your hair in a neat style.




They can be as long or short as you want. For those looking for an extra twist, Spanish braids can be added at the ends to create the Bohemian look. Or, you can stick with something shorter and get it curled at the ends for a soft look.

4. Team Naturale

There are some women though, who at this point, want nothing on their heads. And when I say nothing, I mean nothing. But, still, they want their hair, minus any extensions. And for those, there are the naturalista styles available, braided with Shea butter as conditioner to help you naturally detangle your hair. This is a plus to many since there will be no need for heat at all and there won’t be any long braids for your baby to grab onto.



There are many options for anyone with any type of hairline and no woman should have to feel that her beauty needs can’t be met, as she meets her baby’s needs. And here at Nywele Nyumbani, we understand that you don’t want to leave your baby, you don’t want to leave your house and you may still be breastfeeding and for that, we offer you comfort at home, as you sit with your little one and as many breaks as you’ll need to tend to them. Because these services should work for you, and not the other way around. And that’s why we bring beauty home. Go to today to find the look that suits you.


This article was written by real data from real people that are part of the Nywele Nyumbani family and we hope that it will better your hair journey.

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Compiled by Nywele Nyumbani Editorial

Note: All photos used are authentic past work by our stylists


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