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Sylvia Njoki : Festive Fashion on a Budget

It is the holiday season and my inbox is already overflowing with invites for celebratory events which I look forward to be part of. And in fact, I am going to need a few new outfits for the party season.

We have all splurged on a stunning outfit for a special event and then never wore it again.

Case in point, I wore this particular outfit to Concours d’elegance. It was not only was posted on my social media pages but also a few Kenyan publications.  Sadly, this left me feeling unenthused about the outfit. I could of course leave it to mold in my wardrobe or I could give it away. But my initial approach would be to recycle the outfit. I will share with you my tips on how this can be done to your best advantage and make the most of those outfits that you spent your hard earned dime on. Because truth is, not all of us can afford 365 different outfits per year.


Wear the same outfit to a chill venue with a different crowd. One reason that prevents us from wearing an outfit again is because of the fear that people saw you in it. So try rock it to a quiet social gathering like lunch with friends and family, to avoid the scrutiny which sadly is with us.

Accessorize and Style

Never underestimate the power of accessories plus mix and matching different separates.


Maxi dress to mini dress? long sleeved to sleeveless? adding appliques ? … with a creative mind and a good tailor, the options are endless.


When I do repeat a statement outfit, I usually wait at least a couple of months or more to do so. It helps the ensemble feel new and fresh again.

Shop Wisely

I love finding clothes that I can wear again and again, classic pieces that I know will suit my lifestyle. and can be worn over and over again.


Earrings and Rings- Adele Dejak, Sunglasses- Gifted, Dress- Contact