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Sponsor Breakfast For A Child In Need This Holiday

The holidays are here and the children are excited. Well, not all of them. School provides meals to children and to some, that means the only meal they get is one offered in schools. 

For children from low-income families, families living in informal settlements or in hardship areas, food is an incentive to go to school. You know how hard it was to concentrate in class when hungry. In fact, you could not wait for 1:00 PM when the lunch bell rang and everyone took their spoons out and placed them on the locker. Or let them fall on the ground.

Sometimes the teacher took the cues and released you. We can both agree that your concentration left at 12:30 PM, however much the teacher stayed, only to come back an hour later in time for the next class.


Our Feeding Habits in Kenya are Wanting

According to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics report,17 million Kenyans go to bed hungry and 1 in 4 children experienced stunted growth in 2017. You might think well, while this is heartbreaking, I don’t have a solution neither do I have the capacity or capability to provide for these children. There is a solution.


Wawira Njiru, a young entrepreneur has been applauded for Food 4 Education program which feeds around 1,200 children in Ruiru. The feeding program enables children to attend classes, and concentrate on their studies. 

So, how can you also make a difference?


Here’s How You Can Provide For a Needy Child’s Breakfast

We are told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. One of the main reasons why Wanjiru started her program is because she saw that needy children rarely have breakfast before they go to school which led to stunted growth. 


To provide for a child’s breakfast, you can:

  1. Donate to either of these children’s homes.
  2. Donate to the Food 4 education program. Click here.
  3. Or buy the limited edition of Blue Band.


Every time someone buys the limited edition of blue band, they contribute to putting breakfast on a needy child’s plate. If you use this Blue Band to bake or batter your bread, you are already providing a solution for a child in Kenya at no extra cost to you. 


The feeding program in Kenya requires both governance and social solutions. Solutions such as Food 4 education and the Blue Band breakfast program goes a long way in promoting health and education in kids. By choosing either of these programs, you’re impacting a child’s life today.

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