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Nyama Mama : Revolutionizing Kenyan Cuisine

The cold season is upon us and it looks like it’s not going to get warm anytime soon. However, there is always silver lining to a cloud and for me that would be Nyama Mama. Good food can warm you up in an instant!  Or as I would like to call the food at this amazing restaurant, soul food.

I recently had the pleasure of dining there and I cannot stop thinking about it. My husband is so tired of me going on and on about the succulent ribs, crunchy ugali fries and delectable quesadillas.



Did I say Ugali Fries? Yes I did! It took the Chef  FOUR months to get them right! I bet my Luo grandmother has just turned over in her grave. 4 months to perfect ugali? I must say that those were four months well spent. Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, I must say this was my favourite dish of the day. It was a new twist to something that can be quite bland. Add the garlic sauce and you are in crunchy chewy yummy heaven!

lupita nyongo cooks ugali mexico kenya

The Chapati Quesadilla is the quintessential lovechild of Kenya meets Mexico!  It’s basically the Lupita Nyong’o of dishes.  Soft shredded beef warmly wrapped in a chapatti with a side of guacamole and kachumbari is every foodie’s dream and Nyama mama is the King of this dreamland.



A Review of Nyama Mama isn’t complete without talking about their Jack Daniel barbeque Ribs. Actually I won’t talk about them because I cannot begin to put that taste in words. I will instead urge you to get yourself down to Yaya Centre and try it out for yourself. You can thank me later. While you’re at it, can you envisage a cocktail combination of Pineapple and chilli? Your imagination and your taste buds will sing together in a grateful symphony. It is pretty conk so make sure you have a designated driver before you order it!


If you’re not a meat lover then the Grilled Halloumi with sukuma wiki and tree tomato chutney is the meal for you. Halloumi is not exactly the most flavourful cheese but top it off with perfectly sautéed veggies and chutney for a slight kick and you have yourself a winner!


I think Nyama mama got it right incorparating a taste of exotic dishes with a  Kenyan theme. It’s exciting, homely and refreshing in its entirety. The desserts were delectable – my favourite being the New York Style Cheesecake. Thank you P.K for bringing out another culinary success to Kenya.  Now let me go back and day dream about the heavenly cocktail mint tea and how it would be perfect on this dreary day.

nyama mama cheesecake nairobi

Stay warm!