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A New Wife’s Guide to a Happy Marriage

Choose your love, then love your choice. Staying married requires a great deal of commitment, investment and dedication from both parties. Furthermore, if both partners focus on loving each other correctly, and being affectionate as per each other’s love language, then none will feel defrauded.  In fact, ask any happy couple what it took them to get there and you’ll discover a great deal of  work from both parties.

As a wife, here are several things you can do to ensure that your marriage is healthy and to make a happy marriage;



It all starts with being content and happy with whom you married. I love my husband. Even though I know there is someone who can do A, B or C better, they can never be him and that makes loving him so much easier.  When you believe you have the best thing since coconut oil, it’s hard not to be happy.


My sisters always complain that I drag my husband everywhere but I really can’t help it. I want to share every moment with him and why not? We are one flesh after all. You don’t leave your feet behind do you? The more experiences you share the stronger your bond becomes. If you are to weather the storms of life you want that bond to be as strong as possible.


The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Always ensure your man is well fed before tackling any serious issues. There’s a reason our mothers fed our fathers as soon as they walked through that door. I would like to think this is a big reason why their marriages lasted. If you are still not convinced then read this. It’s science!


There are many different ways you can show your spouse support. Why not ask them what they would like and do that thing? One of the things required from me is a steady flow of tea. The English really do take their tea seriously.


One of the hardest yet vital lessons you can ever learn. It’s okay not to have things your way all the time and it’s okay to do the dishes once in a while (I am looking at you men).  Once you learn that you are actually a team then it becomes easier to compromise on some things for the good of the team. #TeamJones



Finally, be realistic on marriage. Marriage is not a whirlwind of poems, flowers and candlelit dinners every day. It is the comfort of sitting on the couch reading this article with your feet on top him.

Marriage is picking up his socks AGAIN, trying to figure out what to have for dinner and sometimes him wondering why you are so moody. It’s the joy of realizing that this person has your back, understands and loves the REAL you. That my friend, is marriage and it is better than the over hyped, million dollar fireworks you see in the movies.


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