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8 Things To Do In UK With Your Family

You may have been to UK before or currently planning to visit this festive season.

Here is a list of things we suggest you should engage in while at it:

  1. Go to Butlin’s

Butlins is a popular chain of holiday camps throughout the United Kingdom, created to provide families with an inexpensive and affordable holiday. They offer live performances, activities for kids of all ages and a general fun time for the whole family! Definitely worth the visit, especially for the kids!




  1. Enjoy amazing desserts

Cupcake shops, ice cream parlors, bakeries are all so common in the UK, they’re practically found on every corner. However we definitely recommend popping into ‘Harvester’. With over 200 restaurants all over the country, it won’t be too hard to find.

Chocy rocky horror – simply mouth-watering.


  1. Visit a city

London is in-arguably one of the best cities to visit, home to The British Museum, The National Gallery and Piccadilly Square just to name a few. However it’s not the only city. Why not see what Oxford, Manchester or Birmingham have to offer? You will not be disappointed



  1. Be Adventurous

Don’t limit yourself! Try new things, perhaps not what you would normally do, but take a leap of faith and attempt something you never have before. Often, it’s worth the risk.



We suggest you try visiting the Lynton and Lynmouth Cliff Railway in North Devon.

  1. Go to a fair

Not only will the kids enjoy this one, but so will the parents! Fairs are a great way to spend the whole day having fun, enjoying the array of rides and activities available and indulging in the delicious fair food!



6. Visit a museum

With over 1600 museums in England, it’s not hard to find one. It can be an educative trip for everyone and it’s something we are sure they will enjoy


7. Go to the park

There are many beautiful parks all around. For an inexpensive trip why not take a leisurely walk and feed some ducks while at it? Use this time to teach your kids one or two things about nature and conservation


8. Try river punting

This is an amazing experience especially since we do not have this in Kenya. I promise there will be lots of giggles and if you’re not too careful some wet moments.


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