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6 Epic Date Night Ideas to Fit your Budget

With Valentine’s day coming up, gifts and dates are in order and we all know that means extra expenses! However, this is no excuse to skimp out on date night. With a little ingenuity you can still have quality time with your partner without breaking the bank. If you’re tight on money this year, but have lots of love to give, try one of these budget Valentine’s Day ideas your significant other is sure to love.

  1. Netflix and Wine

Amuse Bouche Night

If you haven’t heard by now that Netflix is in Kenya then you should really follow us on twitter! Back to the story, if you want to have a great date night but keep the costs down just grab yourself some wine. ( I personally like birds and bees for a budget sweet wine) Pop in a movie you will both enjoy and just chill. If the month is really in a ‘corner’ you can get tea instead of wine (save 750 shillings.)

Total cost: 50-800 KES


2. Game Night

I would like to think everyone has at least one board game lying around in the house. Remember that time you made a new year’s resolution to spend more time with your family so you bought a board game? Great! Now bring it out, dust it off and enjoy an exhilarating, laughter filled night with your significant other.

Total cost: 0 KES


3. Spa Night

Beautiful African woman getting massage


This will require some planning and an open mind. Get a cheap bottle of massage oil or baby oil, light a candle and give your loved one a back massage. This is great especially if you know your spouse has had a long week at work is just generally overwhelmed. It costs very little but the returns are great. Relaxed spouse – Happy life!

Total cost: 200 KES


4. Go For a walk together


I learned this from my parents. Oldie but goldie. They love taking walks together even if it’s just round the estate so why not try it with your spouse? One lazy Sunday evening just take a leisurely stroll and strengthen those bonds through heartfelt communication. It will set a good tone for the week ahead.

Total cost: O KES


5. Go to A coffee shop with a deck of cards


Sometimes you may just need to get away from the kids but you don’t have a lot of money to spend. Get someone you trust to watch them then run to your local coffee shop or restaurant. Play with a deck of cards as you sip on your favourite drink and laugh about the good times.

Total Cost: 400 KES


6. Cook together then dress up and have a candle lit dinner

happy woman cooking
The title says it all. If you want to have a romantic dinner without having to fork out a few thousands then DIY! Cook your favourite meal TOGETHER, dress up as if you were actually going out and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Total cost: Same as what you spend on an average family meal

Will you be trying any of these ideas? Leave a comment below.


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