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SheHive Is Coming To Nairobi


MumsVillage is excited to partner with She Leads Africa on its innovative bootcamp, #SheHiveNairobi

This bootcamp will give female entrepreneurs, professionals and students the opportunity to learn business-related skills, create new networks and get access to and impressive lineup of successful business people willing to mentor them. Speakers for SheHive Nairobi include:

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Because we love our community, MumsVillage is excited to offer 2 FREE weekend tickets for the event! If you’re interested in entering this ticket raffle all you have to do is fill out this form and let us know how you stand to benefit from this bootcamp. We believe in the power of sisterhood so please include the email addresses of 2 friends who you think will like to join you. You may be able to win the raffle as a group and spend an amazing weekend together… Because friends that learn together, earn together.