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6 Mother’s Day Gifts for every Type of Mum

We know, you’d love to shower your mother with presents whenever you have the chance, but budgets tend to make that a little difficult.

It can be hard to find something really great for your favourite lady.  One of the things we like to keep in mind when shopping for Mom is that she’s a person too and has something that makes her special. We have compiled the perfect gifts that represents every mum based on her potential habits and passions. We think you’ll find something for the amazing mothers in your life:

  1. The Sporty mum

If the mom in your life is an avid athlete or the adventurer that knows no bounds  then you’ll need more than chocolate and flowers to get her excited. Forget the traditional Mother’s Day brunch and sign her up for a free Yoga class or a Spin class with one of the best Kenyan trainers. You could also spice her sporty wardrobe and a gift that encourages her adventurous spirit from Jumia’s Sporty section.



2. The Indulgent mum

A little decadence is never a bad thing on Mother’s Day, especially for a mum with a sweet tooth. It’s pretty well impossible to resist dessert when it comes from one of the best pastry houses and just the way your mum likes it. Surprise her with a box of cupcakes or cake and this will definitely earn you some brownie points.



3. The ‘Polished’ mum

If the mum in your life has a reputation for being exquisitely stylish, she would not pass a chance to go for a beauty makeover or a shopping spree.  Take her out to a girl’s date for a mani-pedi and style her for a special occasion. Surprise her to an intimate dinner at one of the “mama” restaurants in Nairobi such as Mama Ashanti or Nyama mama.



4. The digital/tech mum

We all have know that mum who loves to take snaps on her phone but they haven’t all made it into albums or framed wall-hangings. Steal it away and get a stunning family collage for her office desk or her fridge. There is something to be treasured about photos of her children and she will keep them for life. Better yet, surprise her by decorating the house with throwback photos of the family. She will have a piece of her children in her house even when they are all adults.


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5.  The Homemaker mum

You know who she is: the one who’s never too tired to cook or host impromptu dinners. Some might dream of an evening off from dinner duty, but not this mum. She probably spent the day dreaming up the next creative dinner spread and forging through a market. Preserving all her recipes in a cookbook unique to her is a perfect gift to help her dreams become a tasty reality. It could also be family keepsake passed down for generations to come.



6.  Mum who could use a little pampering

If we’re being candid, all mums could use some pampering.  She works long hours and then spends even longer hours worrying about the kids wellness.  She does all her daily chores and keeps a smile on her face, even when she’s ready to drop. Get down to business and treat her with a little getaway at the Devarana Spa for a five-star Spa treatment or book a treat at the hotel of her choice through Spa dreaming. 



Once you’ve got the present that will make up for all those times you didn’t clean your room or eat all your veggies, remember that Mother’s Day isn’t the only day to remind your mum how special she is. Give her the gift of a phone call too, and she’ll feel the love instantly!