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Taste of Portugal – Adega Restaurant

Living in South Africa while I attended University, I was spoilt for choice when it came to gourmet dining. As a meat lover, what stood out for me was Portuguese cuisine. I visited Adega Restaurant in Johannesburg and no words can capture the experience of that succulent, well-seasoned steak I ate. It was a gustatory sensation – one I will always remember.

When I got back to Kenya, Adega restaurant had just opened their flagship Nairobi branch.  Naturally, I was eager to revisit that transcendental experience that was the Joburg Adega steak. After a long wait I finally got a chance to visit this restaurant with the MumsVillage Team.

First things first, the ambience is really warm.The sun-drenched terrace that overlooks the lush Lavington suburbs is ideal for those sunny days and breathtaking sunsets. For those looking to eat out with their small children there is a spacious play area and caretakers to take care of the young ones as you wine and dine.

We all know that the heart of a restaurant is a combination of the food and the service.

At Adega restaurant, the  service was impeccable. Our waitress Hilda was welcoming, friendly and thorough. The food service was fast and we all received our food at the same time.(something every restaurant should do)

adega food

Adega in Kenya is a Halaal restaurant which means  they do not serve alcohol. However they make such good mocktails you forget the need to have a dash of rum or vodka in it. I had the Pina Colada mocktail and thoroughly enjoyed this rich, frothy, tangy refreshment.

The highlight of my lunch experience was naturally, the food.

I had forgotten how massive the Adega portions are! I ordered the Monk Style Steak. The steak came with mushroom sauce, fries and assorted vegetables. One amazing thing I noticed  about all their meat dishes is they come with a spoonful of toothsome mashed pumpkin.  It was incredible.

adega monk steak

Did I mention the generous  portions? You can’t afford to miss the dessert so don’t gobble down all your food lest you get too full.

My colleague was smart so she had half her food packed and ordered their luscious creme caramel. Well I am a culprit of eating too fast and missed out on dessert but that only means I will be back!

Obrigado Adega – Until next time!

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