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How Stella Got Her Groove Back

Motherhood is wonderful, but it can also be a demanding experience for women. After the baby is born, we become so busy with all our mummy-duties, we honestly forget to set aside some time for ourselves. It is very important to dedicate at least a few minutes every day to focus on yourself to maintain your mental and physical health.

After giving birth, women tend to experience mood swings, fatigue, baby blues, back ache and/or postpartum depression. This piece is dedicated to the mum who is looking to get her groove back emotionally and physically, here are some life hacks from “Stella” to take care of your postpartum health:


She added yoga into her life

While caring for a newborn, it is usually difficult to leave the house. How about picking up yoga or trying some floor exercises that are easy to do in the house? YouTube has a wealth of channels that are specifically dedicated to women who are keen to keep fit and lose baby weight. Try them! You won’t regret it.


She slept when her child slept

Allow me to paint a scenario – it’s 10am and your newborn has fallen asleep and you are exhausted, would you take a nap as well? Or muscle it out until night time? Mums, when your child is sleeping, it is okay to sleep too. After having interrupted sleep all night, it is imperative that you sneak in a few naps in a day to recollect all the energy you lost staying up all night. If you have to, let your family know not to wake you up or disrupt your sleep, during this time. We know how those discussions in your WhatsApp groups can keep you engaged for hours on end but keep your phone away and treat yourself to some uninterrupted rest.

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She took occasional walks with baby

An afternoon stroll is refreshing for both mum and baby. Not only is it a great way to stay fit but it’s also a good time to bond with your baby in nature. Wear your baby or take your stroller out as soon as you have established a routine that works for both of you.


She refueled when baby was eating

I used to wonder how this is possible. How do you breastfeed your baby and focus on yourself as well? When you sit down to feed your child, keep a glass of water to sip on or a bottle of water infused with your favorite fruit or vegetable. This will satisfy your craving for a sweet drink without adding extra sugar to your diet. As your baby’s feeding schedule gets consistent you will find a chance to keep a healthy snack close by to munch on.


She deliberately took some ‘me-time’

You can’t do it all on your own- especially if you are parenting more than one child. As mums we need to treat our bodies differently than before, which means knowing when you need to take a step back, recharge and take care of yourself. When you feel the fatigue checking in, seek some help from family and friends. Better yet, let daddy take charge when he is at home, let him be responsible for the kids bedtime or bathtime as you catch up on your favourite show. This will not only help you de-stress but also allow you the freedom to enjoy and help you be a better parent to your baby.

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She hydrates constantly!

Between pregnancy and postpartum, women experience changes in their skin and hair. Some have it really good but others spend the most part of their lives trying to get their ‘groove’ back. Start by drinking ENOUGH water. The recommended amount is 8 glasses a day. Every nursing mum knows the thirst is real and drinking water becomes more than just hydration. It’s your main source of milk supply, your energy, your natural detox and the wake-up call for your digestive system. If you don’t have access to clean drinking water, Stella has got your back!

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Editor’s note: Remember: ‘comparison is the thief of joy.’ Don’t compare yourself and your life to anyone – whether it’s your friend, cousin, the neighbour or a celebrity mum. Every mum is unique in their own way and it counts for a lot to trust your parenting journey.


I hope this will help in transforming an exhausted and overwhelmed mother into a healthy, and more content one. Go for it ladies!


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