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Its OK to Stay Single

“Today many will awaken with a fresh sense of inspiration and leave the ghost of yesterday behind, why not you?”- Steve Maraboli

Being single versus being in a romantic relationship is not a contest of which is better or worse. They each carry a different set of pros and cons. More often than not being in a relationship has its delightful moments but so does solitude. It is only when you start enjoying being alone that you realise you are already in a relationship (with yourself) and anything on top of that, is a bonus.  If you are not entirely convinced, here are the perks that come with being single,

  1. Freedom

The most important perk that comes with being alone is the freedom to make your own choices. You do not have anyone to answer to or consult before doing something or even going anywhere. It is during this time that you get to discover who you really are and what you actually like. Nothing beats deciding every moment of your schedule.

2. Living in the moment

In a romantic relationship it is essentially “right” to let your partner know of your whereabouts or consult them before making a rash decision. However, single people can pack up and travel on a whim to wherever the wind takes them. The possibilities of living in the moment are limitless.


3. Time to focus on yourself.

Research has shown that most people in relationships primarily choose to spend time together going on date nights. It becomes a habit to constantly be around your significant other. When do you get time to focus on yourself? Being single means you have the time to explore and discover the things you enjoy. Whether it’s keeping fit, discovering a new hobby or even fully committing to your education and career. After all, you have the time and freedom to explore your options.


4. Independence and self-reliance

Solitude has a way of forcing you to do things for yourself. Once you embrace it, you will feel more confident in actually being alone. That fidgety-anxious feeling you get when you have not seen or spoken to your partner for awhile will be a no-show because you are comfortable just as you are.

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5. Avoid settling for a bad relationship

More often than not people tend to settle for a bad relationship when they feel lonely. Yet being alone does not necessarily constitute to loneliness. Once you start enjoying singleness you have all the time to go on dates and meet different people. As a result you have time to reflect on what type of relationship would work for you and sieve out what does not. Eventually, when you are ready you will not sell yourself short.

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6. No More Validation

A lot of people feel the need to look for advice from their partners or friends before taking action. Sometimes it may be necessary but there are also times where you are capable of making a decision on your own but still seek the “OK” from others. When you start spending time alone and enjoying it, you will learn to trust your instincts and if anything goes wrong you will use your mistakes as a learning point.



In a nutshell, Being alone and loving yourself is the first relationship anyone should have. It may be selfish but growing as an individual is necessary to be able to grow with someone else in the future.

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